Poetically Speaking with Miss Print: In which I introduce a month-long series

poeticallyspeaking2April is National Poetry Month which, as the name suggests, is a month-long celebration of poetry in all of its forms. As regular readers might remember, I always try to do something special in April to mark the month ranging from blogging every day to sharing poems I love.

This year, to make National Poetry Month really special I asked a group of bloggers and authors to contribute guest posts for a month long series called Poetically Speaking with Miss Print talking about all things poetry here on the blog.

Some days may have multiple posts but every day will feature at least one post about poetry.

Here’s a full schedule of what you can expect (on the day of each post you can click the poster’s name to see their post!):

So remember to check Miss Print often this April for lots of great poety-centric content!


4 thoughts on “Poetically Speaking with Miss Print: In which I introduce a month-long series

  1. Ahh I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts! Especially yours about the villanelle; I love that form but I’ve only read Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

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