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The Supervillain and Me: A Review

No one knows why some people develop super powers and others don’t. The only certainty is that supers fight crime provided much needed aid in a world riddled with violence and danger.

Abby Hamilton knows that supers are the only reason it’s even remotely save in Morriston. She just wishes that the town’s hottest superhero, Red Comet, wasn’t also her incredibly annoying older brother Connor.

Abby made peace with being normal a long time ago. She doesn’t mind. Especially when her real passion is musical theater, anyway. Still, it would sometimes be nice to take center stage in her own family instead of always being overshadowed by Connor’s heroic feats and her father’s job as mayor.

When Morriston’s newest super save Abby from a mugging, she has no idea that he’s Iron Phantom–a dangerous new supervillain. Except according to Iron Phantom himself, he isn’t actually evil. And he isn’t the biggest threat to the city by a long shot in The Supervillain and Me (2018) by Danielle Banas.

The Supervillain and Me is Banas’ debut novel. Although it is a series starter, the story also functions as a standalone.

The Supervillain and Me starts with an incredibly fun premise. Who doesn’t want to read about a world filled with superheroes and a misunderstood supervillain? Unfortunately, the premise is a bit misleading as Abby’s first person narration focuses more on traditional high school antics like auditioning for the school musical than the superhero shenanigans I had hoped for.

The world building is also flat offering little explanation for where Morriston is situated in the world or how supers function aside from local heroes Red Comet and Fish Boy. It’s no exaggeration to say that readers learn more about Abby’s school musical than they do about anything else in this world.

Abby is a smart-talking narrator complete with one note jokes and wise cracks that sometimes read as a bit too sharp. It’s hard to talk about the other characters in the book, or even more of the plot, without also sharing spoilers. The supporting cast includes a lot of fun characters. Unfortunately most of those characters are male. Every active super that readers encounter and, in fact, almost every character aside from Abby and her best friend Sarah, are male. Since superheroes are already often seen as the domain of boys and men, that was especially frustrating.

The Supervillain and Me is a fast-paced read filled with action, witty banter, and some light romance–ideal for readers looking for humor, excitement, and a superhero story told in broad strokes.

Possible Pairings: Not Your Sidekick by C. B. Lee, Renegades by Marissa Meyer, Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

*An advance copy of this title was provided by the publisher for review consideration*


Blog 11th Birthday (and Giveaway!)

Eleven years ago, at this exact moment, I started blogging as Miss Print. It’s been a wild ride and I can’t believe this blog is still growing more than a decade later. What a ride.

(If you’re only here for the giveaway just scroll down.)

I am so grateful for the people and opportunities I’ve met through the blogging community. This past year one of my priorities has been growing my following on social media and as a blogger. It’s been amazing to see the progress I’ve made since the start of the year as part of bookstagram and to realize that new people are finding this blog–even after all this time.

And what’s a big birthday without gifts? This year I’m giving away three prizes:

  • One winner will receive a mystery box (kind of like a bookish subscription box) with some of my favorite things including bookish goodies, one or two of my favorite books, and who knows what else.
  • One other winner will receive a personalized list of ten book recommendations from me based on what they tell me about likes/dislikes/owned books/etc.
  • One winner will receive a non-scientific fortune told by me with Tarot cards (if you’ve ever seen my #TarotTime on Twitter it will be like that).


  • Giveaway ends August 31 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Winners will be notified September 1. If I don’t hear back from the winners by September 3, I will pick a new winner from the entry pool as needed.
  • US only.
  • Must be 13 years or older to enter.
  • You must be following this blog to enter.


  • Comment on this blog post with one good thing that happened this month. Include how you are following the blog in your comment (options include email subscription, wordpress, feedly, etc.)
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Week in Review: August 11

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

This week has been very nose to the grindstone. I’m trying to get some financial stuff in order (which I only remember when I’m at work and don’t have the notebook with me where I’m tracking everything, of course!) and just getting through this last bit of summer.

I spent way too much money on books last month (including several that aren’t with me yet) so I’m trying to avoid buying unnecessarily this month. We’ll see how it goes. That said, my spending ended on a good note with this fun box from Alex Bracken’s virtual signing for The Darkest Legacy:

What are you grateful for today? 📚 Yesterday was a good day for blogger me. I was very humbled by the support I got while looking for an arc on twitter, I got a sweet shoutout for my bookstagram photos from my friend @deadtossedwaves, and then I came home to this fantastic package. 📚 I’ve never done a virtual signing before but when I heard that @gcreading reading was doing one for The Darkest Legacy I decided to go for it. That wound up being silly since I ended up seeing Alex at BookExpo and at her NYC launch but still fun. (And don’t worry I had books to get signed at the launch still!) 📚 Anyway, how nice is this inscription? It’s by far one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten and I’m so grateful (again and again) that I get to call Alex a friend and that I’ve gotten to be a part of supporting this series (and this book specifically) as a blogger. 📚 #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #igreads #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #thedarkestlegacy #alexandrabracken #thedarkestminds

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REMEMBER: I’m hosting a reading challenge later in August. Are you in?

Here are two of my favorite posts I shared on Instagram this week:

Do you read/like books with unlikable characters? 👑 Ten years ago invaders killed Theodosia’s mother, the queen, enslaved her people, and stole her name. 👑 Over many long years, Theo learned how to play the game. Don’t anger the Kaiser and stay alive. But when Theo is forced to do the unthinkable she reaches a breaking point. 👑 Survival is no longer enough. After years of hiding, it’s time for Theo to fight and reclaim everything that has been stolen. 👑 Finished this one last night. I feel like there should be a sub-sub-genre of grimdark fantasies where every character is The Worst. Because this one was fun but I just don’t feel like rooting for any of them when it comes to book two. Because they’re The Worst. 👑 #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #igreads #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #ashprincess #laurasebastian #grimdark

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How was your week? What are you reading?

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: A Review

“I’ve never thought of myself as a force to be reckoned with. Maybe I should start thinking of myself that way; maybe I deserve to.”

cover art for The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins ReidEveryone remembers Evelyn Hugo. The old Hollywood actress is surrounded by an aura of glamour and mystery. After retiring from the public eye decades ago, Evelyn is finally ready to tell her story.

Bizarrely, Evelyn only wants to tell her story to Monique Grant–a magazine reporter still starting her career and largely unknown. No one is as surprised as Monique at the offer. But as Monique warms up to assignment she also realizes that no one is as prepared to maximize this opportunity either.

From the confines of her luxurious Upper East Side apartment Evelyn tells the story of her career from her fateful move to California in the 1950s to her abrupt retirement in the 1980s. Along the way she also reveals all the gory details about the seven husbands she married and left behind along the way.

As she learns about Evelyn’s unapologetic ambition and her stunning career, Monique quickly realizes that there has always been more to Evelyn than meets the eye. But even as Monique starts to admire the shrewd actress she realizes that Evelyn Hugo is still holding back some secrets and some surprising revelations about Monique’s own part in them in The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017) by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

This standalone novel is a blend of historical and contemporary fiction. The majority of the story relates Evelyn’s story as she tells it to Monique in seven parts–one for each husband, of course. In between sessions with Evelyn Monique also deals with upheaval in her own life as she comes to terms with her imminent divorce and tries to figure out next steps in her career.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is written in the first person as Monique receives the assignment and meets Evelyn and also with Evelyn narrating her own parts as she dictates them to Monique. Evelyn and Monique are both very nuanced characters whose stories are handled thoughtfully in this novel. That said I’m still not sure how I feel about a white author writing in the first person voice of a latina actress who was made over and passed as white for the sake of her career (something that actually happened to real life film star Rita Hayworth) or a biracial journalist like Monique.

I can’t say much more about the plot without giving something away. There are a few surprises and Jenkins Reid’s pacing is flawless as she moves from one surprise to the next. Both Evelyn and Hugo’s stories are less about romance (or marriage) and more about strong women acknowledging their own ambitions and embracing them.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is an engaging novel filled with old Hollywood glamour, wry commentary, and two heroine with a lot to teach their readers. Recommended.

Bring Me Their Hearts: A Chick Lit Wednesday Review

cover art for Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara WolfZera hardly remembers what it was like to be alive. For three long years she has been a Heartless, the immortal soldier of a witch. While she is in Nightsinger’s service, the witch keeps Zera’s heart in a jar making Zera immune to injury and ensuring that she can never venture far away.

Zera’s one chance of freedom comes in the unlikely form of growing tensions between witches and humans. In order to stave off another war, the witches need a hostage–one who will do their bidding and won’t try to escape. In other words, a Heartless.

If Zera can deliver the crown prince’s heart, she can win back her freedom. Stealing a heart is simple but infiltrating court won’t be easy when Nightsinger is prepared to destroy Zera’s heart before she’ll let Zera be captured and tortured.

Court is as vapid and frustrating as Zera anticipated, But Crown Prince Lucien d’Malvane is far from the useless noble she expected. Instead he is an able–and dangerously fascinating–opponent in Bring Me Their Hearts (2018) by Sara Wolf.

Bring Me Their Hearts is the first book in a fantasy trilogy.

Bring Me Their Hearts is a high action, high drama fantasy. Zera’s efforts to infiltrate the royal court widen her world but also serve to underscore exactly what she has become. Her fascination with the luxury of her new surroundings is a stark contrast to her struggle to tame her inner hunger and maintain her cover.

Zera’s first person narration is snarky and often anachronistic, especially given the quasi medieval setting. She is a smart-mouthed, wise cracking heroine that many readers will immediately love. Lucien and the other secondary characters in the novel are equally developed and often just as entertaining.

Bring Me Their Hearts is a thrilling start to a series that promises even more twists and surprises to come. Perfect for anyone looking for a new badass heroine to love.

Possible Pairings: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, The Selection by Kiera Cass, The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows,

*An advance copy of this title was provided by the publisher for review consideration.*

Like Never and Always: A Review

cover art for Like Never and Always by Ann AguirreLiv, Morgan, Clay, and Nathan are all driving home from a party in Clay’s convertible. Best friends dating brothers? It’s fun. And this ride is the perfect end to another perfect summer night.

Until a crash changes their lives forever.

Liv wakes up in the hospital, hazy from the drugs and her injuries. She doesn’t think too hard about it when people keep calling her Morgan–it has to be some kind of mix up. A mistake. Everyone keeps telling her Liv died in the car crash and she dreads having to correct them–especially Morgan’s father.

But when the bandages are finally removed, Liv doesn’t see herself in the mirror. Instead Morgan’s face stares back at her.

Trapped in a body that isn’t hers, Liv tries to make sense of Morgan’s life. It always seemed perfect from the outside but now Liv starts to realize that she didn’t know her best friend as well as she thought.

As Liv starts to make sense of Morgan’s life, she unearths dangerous secrets about a decade-old murder and a dangerous love affair–all while pursuing a love that feels like a betrayal in Like Never and Always (2018) by Ann Aguirre.

Like Never and Always is a standalone thriller with a supernatural twist.

Liv’s unique position as an outsider in her own (that is, Morgan’s) life, ratchets up the suspense as both readers and Liv herself are left in the dark about all of Morgan’s secrets. The pacing is tight with Liv constantly questioning her current situation and trying to make sense of it.

While most of the story focuses on Liv’s investigation into Morgan’s past, she also struggles with being caught between two boys. Nathan isn’t the boy she thought he was when they were dating–especially now that he’s consumed by grief. Clay, meanwhile, is so much more. Liv finally starts to understand what drew Morgan to Clay to begin with. But how can Liv move forward with either of them the way she is now?

Like Never and Always is a serviceable thriller with genuine moments of suspense despite some predictable reveals. The unique body swapping spin adds another dimension to the story but fails to be fully explored as Liv increasingly embraces her new circumstances without question. Recommended for readers looking for a new take on stolen identities.

Possible Pairings: The Possible by Tara Altebrando, Don’t You Trust Me by Patrice Kindl, Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart, Soulprint by Megan Miranda, Pretending to Be Erica by Michelle Painchaud, In Her Skin by Kim Savage, As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott, Bad Girls With Perfect Faces by Lynn Weingarten

*An advance copy of this title was provided by the publisher for review consideration*

Week in Review: August 4

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

This weekend was uncharacteristically busy for me–I had three days off and was booked for all of them (which is why this post is publishing late). I actually hate being that book because I like having some down time with my mom during the weekend but it wasn’t meant to be. On Friday I did a lot of errands and also ran to my local library to pick up a bunch of Johnny Cash CDs. Interestingly, they imported to my computer fine whereas I could barely get Florence + the Machine albums to play. Draw your own conclusions. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you ever try out new music from the library before you buy?

On Saturday I tried in vain to get the research quest I need in Pokemon Go to catch a Spinda. It wasn’t meant to be but I’m going to keep trying of course. Do you still play Pokemon Go? Let me know and we can be friends! I also headed to Union Square to see Sailor Moon Super S in theaters. It was a fun event but the show itself was kind of short. (This was balanced out with a short about my forever fave Sailor Mercury though.) Also: Bonbon Babies.

Do you watch Sailor Moon? Who’s your favorite Sailor Scout?

Then on Sunday my writing group had its monthly meeting. Writing Group is me and some of my coworkers from other branches. I had been really nervous to join but one of my goals this year was to meet more people in the library system and try to make more friends at work so when two coworkers started this up, I joined. It’s been great getting to know new people and it’s been a complete game changer in my writing process. We only met and critiqued yesterday but I am already working on my next chapters (which is such a joy after feeling like I was stagnating on this project for two years while I figured out what I wanted it to be and how I wanted to write it.)

Other big things: My blog turns ELEVEN this month! I can’t even believe it! I am planning on hosting a giveaway but I’m still deciding what to do. If you have ideas for what you’d want to see in a giveaway, let me know ;)

REMEMBER: I’m hosting a reading challenge later in August. Are you in?

Here are two of my favorite posts I shared on Instagram this week:

How was your week? What are you reading?