I’m always happy to accept review requests which can be emailed to me at tomissprint@gmail.com

Before sending your request, please keep in mind that I am happy to accept titles for review consideration but I do not guarantee a review in exchange for review copies.

At this time I do not review self-published or eBook-only titles.

I read and review titles for all ages from picture book through adult. In those areas I read widely across genres including but not limited to speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy), mystery, contemporary, historical fiction, and more. I am always looking for books with strong feminist themes to highlight in my Chick Lit Wednesday features.

I am open and excited to hear about promotion opportunities for upcoming titles but cannot commit to any additional coverage until after I read a title.

While I cannot guarantee that books sent to me for review will be featured on the blog or my social media, I will do my best to review any books I request directly.

Once again, if you would like to contact me about a possible review, you can reach me at tomissprint@gmail.com

Disclaimers, Caveats, Etc.:

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  • Titles for review are acquired from a variety of sources including directly from publishers and through Edelweiss, Netgalley, or Libro.fm’s review program for librarians. Unless otherwise stated all books reviewed here are from my own personal (and/or public) library.


Last updated January 2023