Linktastic: Quizzes and fun edition!

  • Leila at Bookshelves of Doom recently brought a delightful Jane Austen quiz to my attention: Which Jane Austen Character are You?I was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Emma Woodhouse. And I’m okay with that because she is awesome.austenquiz
    Just need to work on the rich part.
    Tell me who YOU are in the comments.
  • From Sarah Jamila Stevenson I have a Scripps Vocabulary Quiz. I got 80% (12/15) because I don’t always read all of the answers before clicking through (shameful, I know). Did you do better?
  • Next an older post from one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Step at Steph Su Reads. In it, she asks: If you were stuck in the last book you read, how screwed would you be? I love this question and want to make it a meme one day. For now, I can tell you I am reading Proxy by Alex London and I’m pretty sure I’d be in even worse debt than poor Syd AKA in pretty bad trouble.
  • Via lovely author/twitter-er Elizabeth Eulberg I have this News IQ Quiz from Pew. I, along with 12% of respondents 10/13 questions right (which, as a non-news watcher, I’ll happily take). How did you do?
  • This isn’t a quiz but new Catching Fire movie posters have been released and I am alternating between being obsessed with them and sobbing every time I look at Finnick or Mags.

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