Linktastic: Quizzes and fun edition!

  • Leila at Bookshelves of Doom recently brought a delightful Jane Austen quiz to my attention: Which Jane Austen Character are You?I was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Emma Woodhouse. And I’m okay with that because she is awesome.austenquiz
    Just need to work on the rich part.
    Tell me who YOU are in the comments.
  • From Sarah Jamila Stevenson I have a Scripps Vocabulary Quiz. I got 80% (12/15) because I don’t always read all of the answers before clicking through (shameful, I know). Did you do better?
  • Next an older post from one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Step at Steph Su Reads. In it, she asks: If you were stuck in the last book you read, how screwed would you be? I love this question and want to make it a meme one day. For now, I can tell you I am reading Proxy by Alex London and I’m pretty sure I’d be in even worse debt than poor Syd AKA in pretty bad trouble.
  • Via lovely author/twitter-er Elizabeth Eulberg I have this News IQ Quiz from Pew. I, along with 12% of respondents 10/13 questions right (which, as a non-news watcher, I’ll happily take). How did you do?
  • This isn’t a quiz but new Catching Fire movie posters have been released and I am alternating between being obsessed with them and sobbing every time I look at Finnick or Mags.

You can quote me on that: In which I am quoted on a book

A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley was one of my favorite books from 2010.

It’s also a special part of 2011 for me as I’m quoted in the paperback edition. More specifically, my original review of the book (found here and on my NYPL blog) is quoted on the “praise for” page of the new paperback edition.

More information about the edition (and my quote) can be found on my website if you want all the details.

Here’s a picture of the full page:

And a close-up of my quote:

Suffice to say, I’m very excited!

Linktastic: Steampunk, Fun and Games edition

Links for your enjoyment regarding games, steampunk, and things that are NOT steampunk:

  • Northwestern Mutual has created The Longevity Game which is a moderately fun way to gauge how healthy your lifestyle is. (Although I do not like their inclusion of BMI as a significant factor and will not even get into my numerous problems with it in this post because I’ve already discussed it extensively.) The game asks a lot of good questions, but it also misses a lot of other points. While I love the idea of living to the age of 86 or 90, my projected life expectancy in the game, I find it doubtful with what I know about my life and my family history that the game did not ask. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Speaking of fun, Paper Forest is a neat little blog about . . . paper. Paper engineering, paper folding, pop ups, paper art–this blog has it all. They also have Free Toy Friday which, as you might have guessed, features links to free patterns for paper toys you can make. What’s not to love?
  • In the mood for more crafting? Here’s a starter guide to make Steampunk jewelry because I love steampunk. Also because I have a supply of gears and clock parts to make some jewelry of my own (no, really).
  • What’s that? You need more information about this “steampunk” of which I speak? No problem. I can explain it to you in song. (Or at least, the guy who made this lovely youtube video can!)
  • The people at Tor can also help explain with Steampunk Fortnight, a series of blog posts about, well, Steampunk. I haven’t read all of them yet but they look awesome. (I also posted a while back about a few things Steampunk.)
  • While we’re at it, why don’t we also look at what isn’t Steampunk. Actually, let’s rant about it with this girl.
  • Let’s also take a moment to visit Regretsy and laugh (or possibly gape) at all of the things that are Not Remotely Steampunk but still tagged as such on Etsy.

Linktastic: Libraries, Bloggers and Books! Oh my! edition

Some lingering links from my browser bookmarks for your enjoyment (with commentary of course):

  • According to Finding Wonderland, The American Library Association (the masterminds behind what are, essentially, the Oscars of literature for young people) have created a new award. The Stonewall Book Awards is now, for the first time, giving a book award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

    “of exceptional merit relating to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered experience”

    The 2010 winner is The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd. What I like about this award is that it’s open (I think?) to anyone who writes about aspects of the LGBT experience in a masterful way instead of being only open to writers who identify as LGBT (like some of ALA’s other identity based awards). Identity based awards and parsing out awards to highlight books about certain things instead of having them stand together under the broader umbrella of, say, the Printz or the Newberry, is a complicated thing and better/more thoroughly analyzed in my post about building a literature of diversity. I’m not sure how I feel about the award being for YA and Kid Lit. I like it but I also wonder if the same criteria can be used to judge both types of books.

  • I just found this song via Bookshelves of Doom. There isn’t much to say about it except I love it and need it on my iPod Right. This. Minute.
  • Speaking of love, have you seen the cover of Sarah Rees-Brennan’s forthcoming book The Demon’s Surrender? (Conclusion to her Demon’s Lexicon trilogy which is one of my favorite trilogies ever.) Maybe now people will understand my completely irrational crush on Alan–the dashing, cunning, bookish, AWESOME character I most wish were real–who appears on this cover.
  • Holly Black offers fans of White Cat a selected noir reading list including classics and some noir-inspired fiction. I don’t know if you need more of an endorsement than recommended by Holly Black, but most of the books under the second heading (CON ARTISTS) reside comfortably, and constantly, in my Most Favorite/Best Books of All Time list.
  • If you’re more of a poetry person, here is a list of all of the poems quoted in Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
  • Are you a book blogger? Do you like the holiday season? Do you enjoy exchanging gifts? Maybe you should join me and sign up for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap then. (Deadline is November 14!)
  • Are you a book blogger drowning in ARCS? Are you a teacher trying to build your classroom library? Are you thinking this already sounds like a match made in heaven? Then you MUST check out ARCs Float On over at The Reading Zone which is meant to match up bloggers and teachers and get all of those lovely ARCs and review copies bloggers no longer need into the hands of eager student readers. I love the idea and am signing up. If you are a blogger or a teacher, you should too with the Matchmaker Survey. While I will be keeping some ARCs for that much-promised 50k Giveaway Bonanza, I’m signing up for this because it just makes sense and is a great way to share good books.
  • Have you seen the new Sherlock on PBS? If not, you must. My mom says it has killed Sherlock Holmes forever, but I love it (and she’s coming around). The kicker: Sherlock Holmes. In the 21st Century! I love this kind of modern retelling premise, the actors are great and it’s just a good show (though the expository text can be a little rough when you are nearsighted and can’t really read it). Anyway, this new Sherlock is obsessed with texting (unlike me) which led Laura Miller on to wonder what other classic literary characters might embrace modern technology (and Web 2.0) with open arms. (’s Heather Havrilesky also loves the new Hawaii Five-O which is reason enough to listen to their writers, I think.)
  • If you’re reading this blog you probably like books. In fact, they might have changed your life. Maybe you even think You Are What You Read. Scholastic recently launched a new social networking site with a simple premise: Users join and build their “bookprint”–a list of the five books that shaped their lives. They can connect with users through these bookprints, compare bookprints with celebrities on the site, favorite other books, and do lots of other cool things. According to an email I received about the site’s launch, YAWYR is part of Scholastic’s 90th anniversary global literacy campaign, Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life, which celebrates the importance of literacy in the 21st Century. I am going to join . . . as soon as I can decide what five books really shaped my life (not easy!). You should too because it sounds fun and I’ll need friends on there when I join. Oh and you can sign in with your Facebook account if you have one.

Linktastic! Fun and Games Edition

Some links for your enjoyment:

  • Jane Austen’s Fight Club has been making the social networking rounds for a while now and I finally sat down to watch it. It was quite entertaining. (Keep in mind this is from someone who has never read or seen the original Fight Club so I can only imagine how much more the rest of the world who hasn’t been hiding under that rock with me will enjoy it!)
  • Who else grew up playing Oregon Trail every single chance they could? I loved that game and wish they would make a new version to work with Mac OSX. It’s not real, but I would totally go see Oregon Trail: The Movie. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Nostalgic to play the game again? Look no further. Just be careful fording those rivers. (This is totally insane but if you view the top 10 I’m the Miss Print that’s currently listed there. Is it weird that I’m crazy proud of that?)
  • Maybe you’ve heard already, but The Old Spice Guy loves libraries.
  • Do you have a literary crush? PIEharn lists a lot of her favorite literary characters (who are badasses) and I have to say it includes many of my favorites. How can you not love Alan, Gen, or Howl? (I’m not even going to mention Mr. Darcy because the idea of anyone disliking him is just silly.)
  • So, Firefly is this really popular cult classic show by Joss Whedon. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Ever wonder what it would look like if it were made in the 1980s? Here is the answer in the form of an Eighties style opener. I’m actually more partial to the original opener and its steampunk-y look–the intro song is actually living on my iPod right now because I love it so much. (Anyone else wish Adam Baldwin had a better show than Chuck to work on? I mean, come on.) Here’s an extended version because I wanted to hear the song again.
  • I recently went all in with Twitter and decided to completely delete my Facebook account. The PRepguide takes that idea one step further (sort of) and makes a case for putting your twitter handle on your resume.
  • I will leave you with 10 children’s book characters who need a sassy gay friend.

Some links and stuff: Cleaning out my bookmarks edition

I have a really bad habit of using xmarks to bookmark everything I find remotely interesting and proceed to not look at it for 6 months to a year. I’ve been having a problem putting together enough concentration to complete extended tasks, so I decided to make use of the short attention span by cleaning out my bookmarks. For your reading pleasure and general elucidation, here are some links that I decided needed to be added to my regular bookmark rotation (you probably know about all of them already because you actually read stuff when it appears instead of a year or so later!).

  • If you travel with people who like to micro plan, what better way to plot out all the details of your itinerary than with a Bathroom Finder site?
  • This might be old news but Library 101 is a project to help spread the word about libraries that are changing their profile (and how to do that). Not making much sense? They have a nifty song explaining it all.

Some other things worth seeing on Youtube:

Back to the non-Youtube stuff:

  • They Fight Crime! might give you the next great idea for a crime fighting duo. Bonus: librarians are sometimes mentioned. I have no idea why this site exists but I love that it does.
  • Spell With Flickr is pretty self-explanatory and generally amazing.
  • Save the Words by adopting a word at risk of being dropped from the English language.
  • I don’t really know anything about‘s capabilities, but it seems important so I’m posting it and maybe YOU can tell ME about it.
  • I haven’t spent enough time with The Usable Library as a librarian, but I plan to do better. I’m sure for all of my readers this is preaching to the choir, but it’s really nice to hear. Especially about the sane policies bit.
  • I leave you with a website that would have made my Sixth Grade math class a lot easier. Feel free to draw your own conclusions about what reveals about my math curriculum that year.

Some links, some promotions, some reminders

Whoo! Lots of stuff has been going on while I have been away from by RSS feeds and lots of reviews are getting written (I am already schedule posts for May . . . May!).

So, in convenient bulleted list form, here are some things I would like to share:

  • My “Finding the ‘Good’ Parents” in YA challenge is continuing until May. Please consider sharing your thoughts on the crazy article that started it all, making your own, and sharing the link to get other people involved.
  • Some of you might know about a blog called Fuse 8. If you read this post, you might also notice a mention of another familiar blog. (Hint: It’s this one. A special thanks to new commenter David Z for pointing this out to me. It is likely I would have missed it without the heads up because my bloglines account was out of control.)
  • I’ve shifted all of my blog type reading to Bloglines. I don’t know what works for you, but if you’re looking for a new feed reader, this one has kind of changed my life in a really good way. Just saying.
  • My good friend and fellow library school student, The Book Bandit has started a new book blog that might be worth your reading time.
  • I also recently discovered two new tumblrs that are ridiculous but surprisingly deep. (Okay, not really, but they are a lot of fun.) If you like Michael Buble and appreciate and fear Velociraptors, why not look at pictures of the two? It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo but with claws. Also, Hot Guys Read Books, who knew? (I feel like everyone knew about both of these but didn’t tell me.)
  • Finally, the current blog stats of this right now are 32,097. That is 64.2% of the way to 50,000 hits! Or 35.8% away from a really big giveaway! (Some of the books I have to give away include Our Lady of Immaculate Deception, Princess Pigtoria and the Pea, Hearts at Stake, and Goth Girl Rising.) Dear readers, you rock!