Clear plastic . . . blogomatic?

I’m not sure what I find more ridiculous: that I’m writing about this conversation or that it actually happened. Perhaps both.

Anyway, “Ralph” is apparently starting a branch blog for the library. And “GC” is helping him because when he’s not being Mr. MLS, GC is Mr. MFA. (I love acronyms.) So, I went in back and found Ralph in the staff area trying to photograph a clear plastic bottle.

I looked at him. I looked at the bottle.

I asked “Why?”

Ralph: “One of our names might be ‘Clear Plastic Blogomatic’ so GC suggested trying to take a picture of the library through clear plastic.”

Miss Print: “Why?”

Ralph: “GC had a dream. I was at the center of it. In the dream I told him I wanted the name to be retro but not too dated.”

Miss Print: “Are you making this up? Is this some kind of ploy to get quoted on my blog?”

At this point, Jennylish looked up and said “You know the funny thing is, Ralph told me this story last night and I didn’t once think of putting it up on my blog.”

(UPDATE: Apparently, Ralph and GC have moved onto other name/image ideas. I can only think it’s for the best personally.)

2 thoughts on “Clear plastic . . . blogomatic?

  1. Haha! I, too, heard about this whole “clear plastic” blog thing and thought at the time it sounded a tad Twin Peak-ish. Now, having read your account of the conversation, I’m convinced David Lynch scripted the whole thing.


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