Cue the superhero music

Earlier today a woman left without her library card. GC, sharp tack that he is, noticed the lone card on the counter and brought it to my attention. I called “Zaty” down in Children’s and told her to hurry and try to catch the woman before she left. Zaty came througn and the card was returned.

Miss Print: “Zaty just caught her. You can consider that your good deed for the day.”

GC (incredulous): “Just one? No way. I’ve got more good deeds to do.”

Miss Print (impressed): “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

GC: “You’ve got to set your expectations just a bit higher.”

And I swear as he picked up his cup of coffee there was a glint in his eye and the hint of heroic music in the air. I can already see some kind of cape with GC emblazoned on it.