Me and MU and everyone we know

So, for everyone playing along at home, today is my last day at my current place of employ. On Monday I start at MU, my new place of employ. Having had time to adjust to the changes, I’m feeling better about the whole thing. I have a new landmark to use when explaining the library’s location, which had been bothering me. And, everyone at the branch seems nice. In the spirit of making a great first impression I dropped by there earlier this week (on my own time) to introduce myself. No one introduced themselves by their last name and I was not introduced by my last name. All of which is a step up from my previous place of employ in Chinatown.

My new library also seems to have a punnier symbol, as you might have noticed by now.

Plus, and I thought this was interesting, I was thinking about my two previous places of employ and realized that this new one is going to be a completely different experience. It’s the first time I’ll be working somewhere where no one knew me for a year (or more) before I started the job. The chance to have a completely clean slate, where no one knows anything about me or any silly things I’ve done previously (or, perhaps, about my blog), is kind of liberating. I get to choose how everyone perceives me. And I get to choose what they know. I haven’t had the chance to do that in five years.

Now if I can just figure out how to log in to Pratt’s “academic tools” site everything will really be fine. (And for anyone who was wondering, my CLW review will be up soon. It’s late for a really good reason though–I’m still reading the book!)

So, here’s to a new chapter, (even though I didn’t realize I was done with the current one).

Maybe if they start charging for foot traffic?

Coworker: “Do you get transit checks?” [Money deducted from salary, before taxes, to pay for commuting costs]

Miss Print: “I walk here.”

Coworker: “. . .”