Linktastic!: 1/13/14 Really Old Links Edition

I’ve been meaning to post these for ages but then I kept having other, more timely, content to share SO here are a bunch of random things I’ve had bookmarked for so long that I no longer know who directed me to what (most links are from twitter friends, that I can be certain of):

Linktastic!: 1/6/14 (Belated Holiday) Edition

Linktastic 12/2: Cleaning out my twitter edition

Mom is still moving along with her recovery–it’s been really hard but she’s getting there. In the meantime I’ve been cleaning the house and, today, clearing out my twitter favorites. So here are some links of note:

Linktastic: 10/25 Edition

Linktastic!: Non-Thematic Edition

I’ve been saving these links for at least six months assuming I’d eventually find a way to create more thematic posts with them. That didn’t happen. So instead here are some more random links I stumbled upon via my own Internet wanderings and also Twitter.

Linktastic! Banned Books Week Edition

It’s Banned Book Week!

Ideally I’ll get a banned book review up before the week is out, but if I don’t I wanted to at least get some links out there while they’ll be timely!

Then, as is my way, here are some other random links:

Linktastic: Quizzes and fun edition!

  • Leila at Bookshelves of Doom recently brought a delightful Jane Austen quiz to my attention: Which Jane Austen Character are You?I was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Emma Woodhouse. And I’m okay with that because she is awesome.austenquiz
    Just need to work on the rich part.
    Tell me who YOU are in the comments.
  • From Sarah Jamila Stevenson I have a Scripps Vocabulary Quiz. I got 80% (12/15) because I don’t always read all of the answers before clicking through (shameful, I know). Did you do better?
  • Next an older post from one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Step at Steph Su Reads. In it, she asks: If you were stuck in the last book you read, how screwed would you be? I love this question and want to make it a meme one day. For now, I can tell you I am reading Proxy by Alex London and I’m pretty sure I’d be in even worse debt than poor Syd AKA in pretty bad trouble.
  • Via lovely author/twitter-er Elizabeth Eulberg I have this News IQ Quiz from Pew. I, along with 12% of respondents 10/13 questions right (which, as a non-news watcher, I’ll happily take). How did you do?
  • This isn’t a quiz but new Catching Fire movie posters have been released and I am alternating between being obsessed with them and sobbing every time I look at Finnick or Mags.

Linktastic! Disney Princess Edition

Since I reviewed a princess-y book this week for Chick Lit Wednesday it seemed like high time to share the Disney Princess links I’ve been hoarding.

This installment of Linktastic! is brought to you by my undying love of Disney (yes even with the weird stuff they do sometimes) and my conviction that Phillip is the best Disney Prince ever. (I can’t give a definitive princess answer because while Belle has my heart, I apparently spent my toddler-hood watching Sleeping Beauty Every. Single. Day. So I’m obviously fond of Aurora as well.

Onto the links!

Then thanks to Leila at Bookshelves of Doom I have some sad posts about everyone’s favorite archer: Merida from Brave. Merida is being inducted as Disney’s 11th princess. Which is awesome. Less awesome is her makeover for the induction ceremony where Merida has become curvier, lost her bow and arrows, and gotten a lot of makeup.

Lest you lose all faith in humanity here are some Disney links that are just for fun:

Linktastic! Goodreads and Google Reader Alternatives Edition

So, if you use social media as a reader, you’ve probably hear about Goodreads being bought by Amazon. I grant that Amazon’s monopoly is worrisome but I’m staying optimistic and sticking with goodreads.

If, however, you do want to jump ship, here are some alternatives I’ve heard about via Twitter or my own searching about:

  • Appnewser has five suggested alternatives:
  • Another alternative is BookLikes which does require an invitation (you request it right on the site) but I also heard it has a feature to import books from goodreads which is a plus.
  • There’s also Riffle which is a very pretty site with lots of nice cover images. It’s in beta but you can sign up with your twitter or facebook accounts (yay no new passwords). Its big feature seems to be posting book lists. The only problem is it doesn’t have an option to post reviews or mark when a book was read which are two of the main reasons I use goodreads.

Similarly, for reasons that remain unclear to its legions of users, Google has decided to discontinue Google Reader. I’ve been hobbling along with WordPress’ reader feature which works for me since I don’t even have a Google account. BUT if you don’t have the wordpress option, here are some alternatives I’ve seen mentioned on Twitter and what not:

Linktastic!: Literary Edition

Dear readers, I have a problem. Everything I see on Twitter is interesting. And I keep favoriting tweets with links for future reference. And then I never get back to them and never get to share them with anyone.

That stops with this Linktastic! post. I’m trying to use themes in these posts–a goal that will eventually become too lofty I am sure–so think of today’s as bookish or literary in nature:

  • Stephanie Perkins is getting ready to wrap up her loosely-connected trilogy of companion books with the forthcoming Isla and the Happily Ever After. With the release of the new book there will also be new covers for the other novels in the series Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. While I adored the original covers and am crushed we won’t get to see Isla on the cover, I really like the new ones too! I think they’ll have wider appeal and I really like the overall design. I’m finding more every time I look at the covers (perhaps including some clues about what to expect in Isla) and just generally think they’re a lot of fun. You can see the covers at Shelf Life.
  • Continuing the romance theme: Flavorwire has an article by Emily Temple about the 10 Greatest Dystopian Love Stories in Literature. NOTE there is a fairly ENORMOUS SPOILER in the blurb for Never Let Me Go so skip that part if you haven’t read it. Actually, a lot of the summaries are spoiler-filled so just remember that I warned you. Of the ten I’ve read Never Let Me Go, 1984, The Hunger Games, Watchmen and I watched the mini-series of The Stand when I was really young and don’t actually remember anything but the religious undertones. I think some of the choices are interesting as a lot of these books have much more going on that . . . you know . . . being romantic. I’m not even sure 1984 qualifies but I did read it a while ago.
  • I’ve recently discovered I’m highly invested/interested in comic books even though I essentially never read them. I can and will debate the merits of comics as a reading format or the superiority of Batman over Superman but don’t ask me about recent plot developments. Case in point: Did you know Bruce Wayne had a son?! Did you know his son was Robin?! Did you know DC is planning to kill him off according to CBC News?!?!!??!!?
  • After some research and a loaner from Nicole, my mom recently got a Kindle Paperwhite to solve some of her vision problems while reading (in that she couldn’t). We’re really pleased with it. As the resident librarian I’m especially pleased at how easy it is to get books onto the Kindle as I can completely circumvent the Overdrive App (if you don’t know what that is, just be grateful). After seeing this article from librarian Dan Messer about why he hates the Nook I’m feeling even better about that decision.