2017 Nonfiction Award Finalists: An Interview with Pamela S. Turner and Gareth Hinds on Samurai Rising (This Month at the Hub)

This month at the Hub I have an interview with Pamela S. Turner and Gareth Hinds, the author and illustrator (respectively) of Samurai Rising which was a finalist for the 2017 Nonfiction Award.

Samurai Rising by Pamela S. Turner, illustrated by Gareth HindsYou can head over to the Hub to read the full post and get some insights from Pamela and Gareth about their process and inspirations for the book.

Setting Up a Mock Printz Program at Your Library: (This Month at TSU)

This month at Teen Services Undergound I have a post up about how to go about setting up a Mock Printz program at your library (for professional development or patrons).

If you have a YA bookclub, it might be something you want to consider for next year yourselves.

You can head over to TSU to read the full post!


This Month at Teen Services Underground: Chilling Reads: Books to Keep You Warm this Winter–Display Board and Booklist

I have some news! If you are a regular reader of Teen Services Underground (TSU), you might start noticing some posts from me because . . . *drumroll* . . . I’m a new Agent there!

I love checking out TSU for professional development resources and am thrilled to be part of the team. I am hoping to shift a lot of my “non-book” posts there where they might find a wider audience (like when I’m talking about library programming or displays).

My first post went up earlier in January:

Chilling Reads: Books to Keep You Warm this Winter–Display Board and Booklist

You can read my full post about making the above display (and related booklist) over at TSU: http://www.teenservicesunderground.com/chilling-reads-books-to-keep-you-warm-this-winter-display-board-and-booklist.

This Month at The Hub: Books with Bakers, Chefs, and Other Food Enthusiasts

This month I have a new booklist at YALSA’s HUB:

Books with Bakers, Chefs, and Other Food Enthusiasts

“Everyone has to do it eventually but surprisingly few YA fiction books have any reference to it. I’m talking about cooking and baking, of course. When I started thinking about read-a-likes for Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I knew I wanted to feature some books with bakers like Lara Jean. That wound up being harder to find than I expected which also made me think that others might be interested in a more exhaustive list of books for teens with bakers, chefs, and foodies. For other books with teen chefs, be sure to check out the 2011 Popular Paperbacks “What’s Cooking?” List!”

You can head over to the Hub to read the full list. I had a blast putting this one together and really love my graphic for it. I just wish I had realized The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds should have been on the list too. Thanks to Elizabeth for pointing that one out in the comments!

This Month at YALSA’s The Hub To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Read-a-Likes and Gilmore Girls reading at The BookBandit Blog

This month I have a new booklist at YALSA’s HUB of read-a-likes for Jenny Han’s delightful Lara Jean series.

Jenny Han’s heroine Lara Jean Song endeared herself to readers in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P. S. I Still Love You. In 2017 readers will get to read the highly anticipated last chapter in Lara Jean’s story Always and Forever, Lara Jean. This booklist will help fill the Lara Jean shaped hole in your heart during the wait until its April 2017 release. (And, if you’re anything like me and consider yourself Lara Jean’s number one fan, you might want to check out these fan buttons I made to declare your allegiance online.)

You can head over to the Hub to read the full list. I’m really proud of it and I hope you find some new books for your to read list there!

Then over at my BFF Nicole’s blog, I am taking part in her month-long Gilmore Girls celebration with . . . book recommendations!

It’s hard to top a Girlmore Girls Read-a-Likes list but I knew I wanted to do something fun for Nicole’s amazing celebration of the Gilmore Girls revival. Since I’ve already covered books to read if you’re a fan of the series, I decided this time around that I would recommend some books for some of my favorite Gilmore Girls characters.

Be sure to visit Nicole’s blog to see my book recommendations for Lorelei, Rory, Emily, Luke, Lane, Sookie, Kirk, Jess, and Paris. While you’re there definitely check out all of the other fun content she has posting this month in advance of the big Girlmore Girls: Year in the Life revival!

This Month at Teen Services Underground: Flexibility of Duct Tape Crafts

This month I have a new post over at Teen Services Underground talking about the flexibility of duct tape crafts in a library setting.

For most of the summer when I had a craft program on my schedule, I would pull out the duct tape. My kit includes instructions to make bookmarks, bows, wallets, and even a flower pen. All of which have been smash hits with the kids and teens who come to programs.

The fun thing about working with duct tape is that the kids really get to run with it. I give minimal instruction on basic techniques. The rest is up to the kids and depends on how much effort they want to invest.

You can read the rest of my post at Teen Services Underground.

This Month at West Elm: Flashlight Reads

If you head to West Elm’s Front + Main blog you can check out my booklist of 13 Haunting Books for Reading By Flashlight. West Elm paired the list and annotations I wrote up with a photo shoot including some of the books and some West Elm decor items.

Here’s their amazing photo with some of my picks:

And here’s what I have to say about the list:

Emma Carbone, a YA librarian for The Brooklyn Public Library, has selected 13 creepy reads that are perfect for reading out loud after dark with a flashlight. “With the witching hour fast approaching,” she says, “these books about ghosts, witches, magic, and the way the past can haunt a person are perfect to read as the air gets sharper and the nights grow longer.”

Be sure to head over to West Elm to read the full list!