Thematic Lists

All of the thematic lists that can be found on the blog:

  • Finding the “good” parents: A Master List for my challenge here
  • Finding the “good” parents: My personal list of YA books with “good” parents, “real” parents, parents who could be role models instead of horrible examples, parents readers will like as characters even if they might not identify with them
  • Hot Historicals: If you’ve ever felt like you were born too late and just want to get swept away in a book about a different time, these historical books might be just the ticket for you.
  • Old Tales, New Twists: A book list where the premises might sound familiar but these books all take traditional story elements and turn them upside down.
  • Poor Little Rich Kids: A Book List for people who want to see how the other half really lives
  • Summertime and the Reading is Easy: Hold out to that summery feeling any time of year with these books.
  • The Talking Dead: A (somewhat spooky) book list where the dead might not always walk but they do  talk and definitely play a huge part in the story.
  • Ticket to Ride: A Book List for anyone who wants to travel around town, cross-country, or maybe even around the world without ever leaving their chair.
  • Why I Love Steampunk: A brief explanation of what steampunk is, why I love it, and some books to read if you want to give this sub-genre a try.
  • The Ten Best and Worst Summer Vacations in YA Books: For the characters in these books summer vacations cover the entire spectrum from epic adventures with sizzling romances to disastrous trips and even terrifying summers filled with murder and mayhem.
  • Halloween Reads: Spooky Stories and Spine-Tingling Books

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