2023: My year of grace and letting go

I’m not a big resolution person but I do like the fresh start that January brings–both for the new year and for me as it’s my birthday month (another new year of sorts). In the past I have created what I call “personal development” goals for the new year (or even the new fiscal year) and I have made plans. All of which has felt increasingly like hubris after the last three years. I’ve seen people share words of the year or yearly mantras–ideas that have always felt manageable but never fully resonated with me.

Until last week when I was thinking about the energy I wanted to bring into 2023. And then I knew.

2023 is my year of grace. My year to grant myself the grace I find so much easier to give others. This is a year to celebrate wins, to give myself the space to try, and to be gentle with myself.

2023 is also the year I let go of that which no longer serves me. It is the year I give myself permission to keep my circle small if I want to. To clean out my closet. To start again. To try and move on.

What energy are you hoping to bring into 2023?