Week in Review: March 26

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I’m feeling better this week. The stress is all still there but I made a conscious choice to let it go. I think I’ll feel better once I figure out how to fit yoga back into my life (I meant to start again in January but then December and January were trash so …). I also need to make more time for writing. It feels like everything has been triage lately but (in a recurring theme) that’s for a lot of things that I cannot control. Which means I have to live with them. And stop putting off things I want to do.

Blog-wise I spent this week getting ready for National Poetry Month (April) where I will be sharing and discussing a different poem every Friday. It’s a feature that has been on the blog in some form since 2011 and I’m really excited to share more poems with all of you.

This week I listened to The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne by Jonathan Stroud. I loved The Screaming Staircase so I was excited for this one but it’s not quite as tight as I had hoped. Also still working my way through We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faisal. Nasir is still trash.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: March 26

  1. It sure does seem if you wait for things to calm down, you never do quite get to what you want to do. At least it feels true for me right now as well. You’ve got this!! Looking forward to poetry month!

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