Week in Review: September 18

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How My Week Went:

The good things this week: I reread Practical Magic. It’s still amazing. Bella became an Instagram Reels star. I have amazing friends and a wonderful mother.

Everything else this week sucked. My office is leaking. No one cares. Like the actual response when the leak was “fixed” and still leaking was a shrug emoji in real life and my entire department is supposed to just be okay with working in these conditions because no meaningful offer to find any other workspace was made. There is no timeline for fixing it. Every other work thing is also annoying. Plus a gigantic waterbug died right next to my desk. We have new neighbors who are, of course, incredibly noisy and think 10pm is a great time for piano practice (it is not) and are driving Bella absolutely crazy (me and mom too).

How has your week been? Hopefully smoother than mine.