Week in Review: May 29


Blog Posts of The Week:

Tweet of the Week:

Instagram Post of the Week:

How My Week Went:

My instagram post of the week is actually from more than a week ago but whatever. ANYWAY this has been an interesting week.

As you might have guessed, my blog post with everything you need to know about donating books to libraries (and what to do with them instead) is now on its third (fourth? fifth?) life on social media as it finds new people on Twitter, Facebooks, and Reddit(!) among other places.

I saw my BFF Nicole for the first time in person since February 2020 and it was amazing. I miss all of my friends but this has literally been the longest I’ve gone without seeing Nicole since we met in grad school so it was really great to be reunited. Then I also had a birthday dinner with some other friends so my socializing went up roughly 300% this week.

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