Week in Review: May 15: In Which Blog Maintenance Continues


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I’ve been working behind the scenes here on updating a some things as I tweak the blog theme and consolidate categories. I’m also trying to migrate some guest posts so they are cross-posted here and generally updating areas that haven’t been touched for a while. It’s tedious but I find it’s also good to be working on something with tangible results that is fully in my control as I get used to working on site again. That has been tiring but is going okay. Although my feelings remain deeply mixed, I think I’m finally getting used to it after so long working entirely from home.

This week I listened to Measure for Measure which I think I liked–hard to say how I feel when the entire comedy centered men taking advantage of women, you know? I also read Luck of the Titanic (good but sad because duh), Goddess in the Machine (good but the dialect killed me), and Across the Green Grass Fields (I will never not read a Wayward Children novella).