Week in Review: September 19: Quarantine Week 27: In Which I Consider High-Quality Connections


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What September releases are you excited about? 📚 If Grown is on your list, I can confirm it won’t disappoint: 📚 Enchanted Jones thought she had everything figured out. She isn’t what anyone would call happy at her new school, but she makes it work. She has swim team and she has her best friend Gabriella. With Gab’s help Enchanted auditions for BET’s version of American Idol. It doesn’t go well. 📚 But it does bring her face to face with legendary R&B artist Korey Fields who is even hotter in person and could be Enchanted’s own ticket to stardom. It starts with secret texts and flirting. Then there are singing lessons and an invitation to go on tour. 📚 It ends with Enchanted beaten bloody and Korey Fields dead. 📚 Enchanted wishes she could forget the events leading up to Korey’s death. But she can’t do that any more than she can remember what happened that night. 📚 Did Enchanted plunge the knife into Korey’s chest? Was she the only one who wanted him dead? With more questions than answers Enchanted will have to piece together the pieces before Korey’s livid fans–or the police–do it for her with Enchanted as the culprit in Grown (2020) by Tiffany D. Jackson. 📚 Head to my blog to check out my full review (link in bio). 📚 #InstaReader #BeautifulBooks #BookReviews #BooksToRead #BookstagramFeatures #BookishLife #AllTheBooks #UnitedBookstagram #BookPost #ForTheLoveOfBooks #ReadersOfInsta #BookBlogging #Bookstagramit #LibrariansOfInstagram #ReadingLove #BookstaFeatures #ReadersGonnaRead #WhatToRead #BookStyle #Booktography #BookRecommendations #ReadersOfIg #NeverNotReading #BookPhotoChallenge #BookNookstagram #Bibliophiles #BookAesthetic #Grown #ReadGrown #TiffanyDJackson

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How My Week Went:

Pandemic life has been hard. I miss my friends. I miss traveling freely. I’m tired of being told my choice to self-isolate for as long as possible because of my mom is irrational or something I’ll get over when I have no choice anymore–especially from friends who are supposed to take my side. There’s probably a whole blog post about that but I’m so tired of talking about it that I don’t want to also write about it.

I reread Joy at Work last week for my ongoing work book club. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the book calls “high-quality connections” which basically boils down to mutual friendships. Again, there’s a whole blog post worth of stuff to unpack there but for now I’m thinking about what it means when it becomes clear that I am putting more time and care into a relationship (with friends but also with coworkers) than the other person. It is not a good feeling and it is something I’m still figuring out but for now the first step is acknowledging it happening. Which I’m working on.

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