Week in Review: September 19: Quarantine Week 27: In Which I Consider High-Quality Connections


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Pandemic life has been hard. I miss my friends. I miss traveling freely. I’m tired of being told my choice to self-isolate for as long as possible because of my mom is irrational or something I’ll get over when I have no choice anymore–especially from friends who are supposed to take my side. There’s probably a whole blog post about that but I’m so tired of talking about it that I don’t want to also write about it.

I reread Joy at Work last week for my ongoing work book club. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the book calls “high-quality connections” which basically boils down to mutual friendships. Again, there’s a whole blog post worth of stuff to unpack there but for now I’m thinking about what it means when it becomes clear that I am putting more time and care into a relationship (with friends but also with coworkers) than the other person. It is not a good feeling and it is something I’m still figuring out but for now the first step is acknowledging it happening. Which I’m working on.