Week In Review: August 29: Quarantine Week 24: In Which Things Are Planned


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Hello! What have you been up to this week? How are you? ▪️ Can you believe August is almost over? I really can’t. August felt very long but also like I blinked and then it was almost September. ▪️ I committed myself to filming an August wrap up for IGTV so I need to figure that out soon. (Still a little nervous about it although this our year of video conferencing has made me much more comfortable seeing and hearing myself on video.) ▪️ Aside from an embarrassing number of copies of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue I am on a book buying ban as I work on reading down my owned books. This was somewhat derailed by my reread of Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series but I’m recommitted now! ▪️ Work wise everything is still very nebulous and I’m trying to not stress about that. My first virtual staff book club is happening in the second week of September so that’s my most immediate project to plan for. Fingers crossed it goes well. ▪️ #InstaReads #BookLife #BookGram #Booktography #BeautifulBooks #Bookstagramit #LibrariansOfInstagram #BookReviews #BookBlog #AllTheBooks #UnitedBookstagram #LoveReading #BooksOfIg #BookStyle #BookPost #BookishLife #ForTheLoveOfBooks #ReadersOfInsta #BookBlogging #BookRecommendations #ReadersOfIg #BooksToRead #ReadMore #BookstagramFeatures #BookstaFeatures #thegirlsatthekingfisherclub #genevievevalentine #bookstagram #bookworm

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How My Week Went:

I was going to start this recap by saying I feel like, since the pandemic started, it’s been a one good week/one bad week kind of thing. But this last part of August was just . . . not that great.

There’s lots of cool stuff happening on the blog this week–lots and lots of stuff as I try to build in more Friday posts with either booklists or some kind of lifestyle thing.

Work is still work. I’m planning a holiday promotion now that no one will see until November. If you want to read about a USPS inspired booklist, I was interviewed about that this week: https://www.brooklynpaper.com/bpl-post-office-reading-list/

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