Week In Review: August 21: Quarantine Week 23: In Which I Send Many Emails


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This week felt like it was five months long. Appropriate since it was just like every other week of quarantine–which is hitting the five month mark. I’m tired. I miss having more than a thimbleful of patience at any one time. And I’m sick to death of people acting like I’m the irrational one for still trying to self-isolate for as long as humanly possible. My mom hasn’t been feeling well this week (allergies and generic malaise, not plague) which is its own special kind of stress during a pandemic. I keep trying to leave space for optimism but it’s easier to be annoyed or sad and disappointed. One good thing this week is that I’ve been re-reading Megan Whalen Turner’s books this week and I think they are exactly what I needed right now–a soothing balm while I try (again and always) to regroup.