Week in Review: August 1: Quarantine Week 20: In which I am emotionally exhausted


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Have you ever wanted to run away to the circus? 🎪 Harley never thought she'd have to run away to the circus. Not when her parents already run a successful one in Las Vegas. After years of dreaming of becoming an aerialist and performing on the static trapeze, Harley hopes her parents will finally see her how serious she is and let her begin training professionally after high school. 🎪 Instead they double down on their demand that Harley focus on college first and then consider the circus–even though Harley knows she is in her prime as a performer right now, something that may not be true after four years in school studying something she has no interest in learning. 🎪 After her latest fight with her parents goes too far, Harley feels like she only has one choice: join a rival traveling circus. 🎪 Life on the road isn't what Harley expected. The performers at Maison du Mystère don't trust her, the trapeze artist who is supposed to mentor Harley actively hates her, and worst of all Harley has to live with the guilt over what she did to her parents so that she could snatch this opportunity. Harley has never felt like she fit into her family–never enough of any one thing to truly share biracial parents' and her grandparents' histories–and now she's afraid she may not be enough for the circus either. 🎪 As she struggles to carve out a place for herself at the Maison du Mystère and proof to herself and her parents that she has what it takes, Harley will have to decide if the sacrifices–and the choices–that she's made to get to this point are worth it in Harley in the Sky (2020) by Akemi Dawn Bowman. 🎪 #InstaReads #BookLife #Booktography #BeautifulBooks #Bookstagramit #LibrariansOfInstagram #BookReviews #BookBlog #AllTheBooks #UnitedBookstagram #OnceUponABookClubBox #BooksOfIg #BookStyle #BookLife #BookPost #BookishLife #ForTheLoveOfBooks #OnceUponABookClub #ReadersOfInsta #LoveReading #ouabc #BookRecommendations #ReadersOfIg #BooksToRead #ReadMore #BookstagramFeatures #BookstaFeatures #HarleyInTheSky #AkemiDawnBowman #30bachallenge

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How My Week Went:

I don’t think I’ve been saying this every week since March but this week was emotionally exhausting. I’m a little burnt out from working from home because I take on too much. I’m a little sad from, you know, the state of the world. And I’m a little lonely after not seeing anyone but my mom for going on more than four months. I also feel intensely guilty about working entirely from home still while colleagues and friends have had to go back already. But I know this is still the best and safest option for me and my family (my mom) and I have to be grateful for that.

I tried to give my space for optimism this week but then being on the verge of a panic attack for two days and trying to tamp down existential dread through sheer force of will for the rest of the week sort of got in the way for that. So I guess I’m giving myself space for optimism in the upcoming week too.

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