Week in Review: August 1: Quarantine Week 20: In which I am emotionally exhausted


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I don’t think I’ve been saying this every week since March but this week was emotionally exhausting. I’m a little burnt out from working from home because I take on too much. I’m a little sad from, you know, the state of the world. And I’m a little lonely after not seeing anyone but my mom for going on more than four months. I also feel intensely guilty about working entirely from home still while colleagues and friends have had to go back already. But I know this is still the best and safest option for me and my family (my mom) and I have to be grateful for that.

I tried to give my space for optimism this week but then being on the verge of a panic attack for two days and trying to tamp down existential dread through sheer force of will for the rest of the week sort of got in the way for that. So I guess I’m giving myself space for optimism in the upcoming week too.