Week in Review: July 25: Quarantine Week 19: In Which I Think About Personal Development Goals


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Do you have any #bookstagram goals? Or other social media goals? 📚 These are mine for the year. They align well with my usual desire to set what I call personal development goals at the start of the fiscal year. 📚 -Use my letterboard more: I love this thing. It’s one of my favorite gifts and proves @thatsostelle is a genius gifter and I need to use it more. Discovering it fits on my shelf today was a boon! -Build my brand: this is one of the reasons I started bookstagram at all. I have a solid blog and twitter presence but wanted to be more visible here -Try IGTV: would you all watch my IGTV if I shared booktalks? Be honest. -Increase engagement: this has been a great year for increasing my following on here (*waves*) and I’d like to keep that momentum going. -Have fun: @thebookbandit and @cassieopiabooks are subjected to a lot of my of my insta whining. I want to work on remembering that I do this because it’s fun and I like stretching myself as a photographer no matter how well my other goals work out. 📚 #InstaReads #BookLife #BookGram #Booktography #BeautifulBooks #Bookstagramit #LibrariansOfInstagram #BookReviews #BookBlog #AllTheBooks #UnitedBookstagram #LoveReading #BooksOfIg #BookStyle #BookLife #BookPost #BookishLife #ForTheLoveOfBooks #AllTheBooks #ReadersOfInsta #LoveReading #BookBlogging #BookRecommendations #ReadersOfIg #BooksToRead #ReadMore #BookstagramFeatures #BookstaFeatures #30bachallenge

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How My Week Went:

Still working remotely, still self-isolating except for my mom who lives with me–those things have been hard. But I’m grateful for the friends I have been able to keep in touch with virtually and the friends I only know virtually.

I started a month-long challenge on Instagram for bookstagrammers and it’s been interesting to stretch myself there and also a good exercise in perspective and appreciating how far I’ve come, in all areas, and how much I’ve achieved.

This is the time of year where I usually set what I call “personal development” goals. These run on a fiscal year schedule so I set them every summer and previous ones have included things like trying to make new friends at work and be brave and step out of my comfort zone. Sometimes they’re really hard to do but I never regret them. I hadn’t been sure what to set for a goal this year since, for the foreseeable future anyway, my world is pretty small.

But after doing this challenge and thinking about goals I want to set for my Instagram, I feel like having fun this year and remembering to appreciate the progress I’ve made aren’t bad as far as personal development goals go.

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