Week in Review: June 27: Quarantine Week 15


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Do you read westerns? Even if you do, I bet you haven’t read one like this. ▪️ The story starts in Cincinnati in 1876 with "Wild Bill's Wild West," a traveling western show run by Bill Hickok. The show is always a big attraction featuring the legendary lawman, Frank Butler the Pistol Prince, and none other than Calamity Jane–heroine of the plains. 📚 But the show has a secret: Bill along with his adoptive children Frank and Jane uses the show as a cover to hunt garou (you might know them as werewolves). 📚 Jane is thrilled to have a family after so long on her own. Frank loves the show almost as much as his poodle, George. Neither of them is sure what will happen to the show (or them) when they find the subject of their hunt and Bill is able to retire. 📚 Things go wrong very quickly after Annie Oakley (or rather, Annie Mosey–she isn't the Little Sureshot yet!) tries to join the show. Annie earns her way into the show, soundly beating Frank in a shooting competition. But does shooting prowess mean Annie can be trusted with the hunt's real purpose–especially when she seems to hate garou more than anything? 📚 When a hunt leaves Jane with something that looks a lot like a garou bite, she has one desperate change to find a cure in Deadwood–a town that holds secrets and dangers for Jane and everyone she cares about in My Calamity Jane (2020) by Jodi Meadows, Cynthia Hand, and Brodi Ashton. 📚 This book is a blast! I was lucky enough to read it early to review it for School Library Journal. You can check out the expanded version of my review on my blog. 📚 #instabooks #mycalamityjane #jodimeadows #instareads #brodiashton #booklife #cynthiahand #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #reading #bibliophile #instabook #bookworm #bookgram #reader #booktography #bookstagram #beautifulbooks #booksofinstagram #booklove #bookstagramit #bookish #librariansofinstagram #bookblog #allthebooks #bookphotography #unitedbookstagram #goodreads

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How My Week Went:

It’s been one hell of a week over here. A lot of it is internal work stuff I’m not comfortable discussing here but … it’s a lot.

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