Week in Review: June 6: Quarantine Week 12: In Which I Conduct a Virtual Work Audit


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This week has been hard. If you are participating in Black Lives Matter protests, please be as safe as you can be. If you are able to, please donate. If you are trying to offer support, educate yourself and start reading.

I’ve been doing a lot of readers advisory work this week tabulating resources to share at my library. I have a lot of holds to place for my own reading, too.

This week I also did an audit of all of the virtual work I’ve done since quarantine started (I can’t believe it’s been twelve weeks). I went through my calendar, reviewed sent emails and messages on Slack to make an itemized list of everything I’ve done and collect relevant links and photos for things that were shared out. It was interesting to remember everything I had worked on since it’s been such a long time since we’ve had regular work days and it was valuable to remember that even though it feels like I haven’t been doing much that is patently untrue. If you’ve been working from home, I recommend doing your own work audit.