Week in Review: April 4: Quarantine Week 3: In which I pursue home improvements


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My mom decided a while ago she wanted to sort and sell some of her doll collection so that has taken up a lot of my “free” time during this quarantine. It’s been interesting going through and listing stuff on eBay. I’ve also working on how to make my desk at home a little more ergonomic. I think I never noticed some of the shortcomings before because after spending all day on a computer at work I wouldn’t spend a ton of time on my laptop at home. I ordered a laptop stand and an external keyboard to see if either or both will help my back (although as I type this I realize I’m used to my laptop’s black keys and I ordered a keyboard with white keys–I guess it’s a good thing I can type without looking at the keys because I think they’ll be harder to read. Oops.). I also did a massive clean and reorganization of my desk as per my idol Marie Kondo and I think I have found a setup that is workable and will also help with back and shoulder strain. We’ll see. What are you doing to try and make sheltering in place more comfortable?