Week in Review: January 25–in which my vacation nears its conclusion


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I have been off this entire week for my vacation and it has been great. One of my goals this year has been to become less plan averse which means I have to actually follow through on plans when they are proposed. This has been a constant surprise to me. BUT I did a lot of fun things this week. I went to Emma Lord’s launch for Tweet Cute at the Strand with my friend Estelle (and we got dinner beforehand and finally exchanged xmas/bday gifts, yay!). I took myself to see Knives Out (more vomit and fewer sweaters than I expected but I liked it a lot–very fun) and went into Target for the first time ever to buy peacocks. As I write this I am getting ready for dinner plans. And have a writing group meeting and delayed birthday plans for next weekend too. What a time to be alive.