2019 Reading Tracker Year in Review

It’s time for my annual break down of my reading tracker posts for the year.


  • Read: 10
  • Bought: 4
  • ARCs: 5


  • Read: 5
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 4


  • Read: 12
  • Bought: 3
  • ARCs: 2


  • Read: 10
  • Bought: 0
  • ARCs: 6


  • Read: 22
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 1


  • Read: 19
  • Bought: 2
  • ARCs: 7


  • Read: 11
  • Bought: 0
  • ARCs: 0


  • Read: 14
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 6


  • Read: 17
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 2


  • Read: 13
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 0


  • Read: 29
  • Bought: 4
  • ARCs: 4


  • Read: 19
  • Bought: 0
  • ARCs: 3

Yearly Totals:

  • Read: 181
  • Bought: 18
  • ARCs: 40


Read: I read more this year than last year I think partly because I really made an effort to prioritize books I wanted to read after having a hard reading month in February and feeling really burnt out on reading “for work” as I went through review titles. I re-read a lot and read more on audio. Re-reading has been a valuable way for me to really drill down on the books I keep in my personal library and audio books have been interesting for titles I might not have picked up otherwise or have been putting off. I’ve been trying to prioritize reading books I own–especially ones I’ve had for a while to clear my shelves. Which has already been paying off dividends as I make more space in my desk at work and on my to read shelves at home.

Bought: Books bought went down from 24 to 18. Which I’m happy about and hoping to have even fewer in 2020. If I learned anything this year, it’s that unless it’s a special edition or purchased as a signing, I do not need to buy books. I receive a ton at work and get some from my good friends as gifts. After subscribing to Uppercase for a lot of this year, I realized I don’t always like books I impulse buy and since my shelf space is so limited it doesn’t make sense to buy a ton of books. A good chunk of books I bought this year were favorites I read as ARCs and wanted to support or special copies I got at events and I feel much better about those than any random purchases. Looking ahead I’d *like* to have books bought for the year down to single digits but I’m not sure if that’s realistic.

ARCs: I received 39 ARCs this year which is down from 68 last year (plus 27 ARCs I got at BookExpo which is always hard to track in these). I was overwhelmed by blog review commitments at the start of the year so I’m happy with this change. Here’s the breakdown for the ARCs I received (I’m not sure it’s totally accurate because like 2018, I wasn’t the best at tracking #bookmail that came in):

  • Requested: 12
  • Amazon Vine: 10
  • Not requested: 18

Requested ARCs went down from 29 to 11–partly because I request more ARCs as a librarian at my day job than as a blogger because I find School and Library Marketing requests are less competitive than blogger ones.

I requested two more titles from Amazon Vine compared to last year which isn’t a big change–it’s not a program everyone has access to but I find it really useful.

ARCs I received that I didn’t requested dropped from 32 to 18. I think that might be a clerical error on my part but oh well.

My main takeaway with ARCs is that a lot of the time I prefer reading near (or even after) release date so unless it’s a book I know a bit about and am very excited to read, I may not need to request a copy.

Basically looking ahead to 2020 my philosophy with acquiring books (either ARCs or finished copies) is going to be quality over quantity. We’ll see how that goes!

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