Top Ten: 2019

Sometimes it’s really hard to look back on a year and figure out which books are my favorites–even when I’m only looking at books I reviewed here on the blog instead of all of the books I read. 2019 wasn’t like that. Instead, it turned out to relatively easy to choose my standout favorites. These are books that made my world bigger and my heart more full; they’re books that took my completely by surprise in the best possible ways:

You can click the titles above to find my reviews or shop the titles over on my Amazon page.

Honorable Mention: The Backlist

I have been playing catch up with review writing for the better part of two years so here are some backlist titles I could have mentioned last year (or earlier) but didn’t get written up on the blog in time to be properly featured on a best of list:

2 thoughts on “Top Ten: 2019

  1. Rayne & Delilah’s was soooo close to making my list but I guess I had to draw the line somewhere, but it was really good! I also really liked Last of Her Name! The rest of your list is pretty much ALL on my TBR so this is very good news hahah. Also really enjoyed Devils Unto Dust from your backlist books, and Sadie of course! Glad you found so many good ones!

    1. Maybe I was reading the wrong books but this year it was really easy to pick my top titles–like super no brainers. Also yaaaaaay Devils Unto Dust. Gosh I love that book.

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