September 2019 Reading Tracker

Books I Read:

  1. The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow
  2. Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby
  3. All of Us With Wings by Michelle Ruiz Keil
  4. 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston
  5. Once Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole
  6. This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura
  7. Butterfly Yellow by Thanhha Lai (reread)
  8. Giant Days Volume 1 (reread)
  9. Giant Days Volume 2 (reread)
  10. Giant Days Volume 3 (reread)
  11. Giant Days Volume 4 (reread)
  12. Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  13. The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad
  14. Our Wayward Fate by Gloria Chao
  15. The Night Country by Melissa Albert
  16. Giant Days 5 (reread)
  17. Giant Days 6 (reread)

Books I Had Planned to Read:

I didn’t make a plan this month.

Books Bought:

  1. Butterfly Yellow by Thahnna Lai (I try to put my money where my mouth is when I love a book–also it meant I got to lend out my ARC)

ARCs Received:

  1. Fierce Reads seasonal package

You can also see what I read in August.

2 thoughts on “September 2019 Reading Tracker

  1. I’m actually reading The Ten Thousand Doors of January right now! What did you think of it? I’m liking it a lot so far, although I think I’ve figured out a plot point that I think is supposed to remain mysterious for a while longer.

    1. I loved it! I don’t always buy copies of books I receive as ARCs but I might for this one. Even with the twist I think you figured out (which I think I took longer to figure out) the book still has some surprises. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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