Week in Review: March 30 or Have you heard about the brick I got in the mail?

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I’m just going to lead with the big news: I got a brick in the mail this week and it was the best and weirdest and worst thing that’s happened to me in a while.

Here’s the full story:

As some of you might know, I’m part of Amazon’s Vine review program where I can request books and other items for review. This week a very creepy manicure practice hand was available to request. I thought two coworkers could use it for a gender neutral makeup and nail art program they are planning, so I requested it and had it sent to the library where I work.

Here’s what I was expecting to arrive:

I know, it’s very creepy. I’m sorry.

The day after I requested it for review, a package from Amazon arrived at work. I was very impressed by the shipment speed. Inside the box there was an envelope labeled “manicure training hand.” The envelope was very flat. But the hand didn’t look particularly lumpy so I wasn’t concerned. The envelope was very heavy. But anything that clamps to a table should be heavy so it stays in place so that seemed like a good thing.

It was not a good thing.

When I opened the package I did not find a manicure training hand. I found a brick.


Because this was a review item, I didn’t have to contact anyone about being charged for an item I did not receive. But I did still email Amazon’s Vine program customer support to say that I had gotten a brick and therefore could not review the manicure hand. They were suitably underwhelmed and removed the item from my pending review list.

Obviously this led to some surprise and confusion. Was the manicure hand stolen en route? Was it a prank? A warehouse mishap? Why, if I was going to receive a brick, was it this clearly used and recycled brick rather than a new one?

I may never have any answers.

What I do have is an anecdote that I will be using for the rest of my life. I also have a brick. Obviously. (I’m using it as a plant stand on my desk.)

I spent about three hours yesterday texting every person I have ever met about this turn of events in addition to sharing about it on Twitter and Instagram.

My “brickstagram” picture is my favorite post from the week (obviously) and also my best performing instagram post of the week. I don’t know if this means that I am winning instagram or that I have completely broken it.

How was your week? What are you reading?