Week in Review: February 23

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

I am not sure what I did to February or why it seems to have a personal vendetta against me, but I give up. February wins!

This has been a really busy, hard month. I’ve had lots of meetings, started lots of work projects (which I still need to work on), and have four professional reviews due over a three week period (which has been as fun as you’d expect). I have read almost nothing and because of all the pressure to read, I want to read almost nothing.

BUT February is almost over and no one can take that away from me.

I’ve been trying to standardize and cross link between my social media and also experimenting with instagram backdrops to streamline photos. It’s good but also feels thankless when my engagement is so low–I really need to stop obsessing over stats.

I feel like these weekly recap posts have gotten kind of complainy but I also feel like I’m the only one reading them so maybe that’s okay? I’ll re-frame for next week ;)

Here is my favorite post that I shared on Instagram this week:

How was your week? What are you reading?