Week in Review: February 16: Let me tell you about my week of meetings.

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All I did at work this week was go to meetings. I got to see a lot of new branches and traverse much of Brooklyn but it was trying. I am not a great subway traveler and the weather was terrible. Here’s what went down:

On Monday I was in an all day leadership training. I’m the branch rep for a YA Network that was created to improve  services to teens in the library. We are looking into ways to make the library more welcoming to teens with improvements to the library’s mental, physical, and digital spaces for teens. The leadership training is a “perk” for participants. It’s very crunchy and kind of silly but some tips on active listening and identifying project stakeholders were helpful.

On Tuesday I had a meeting in the morning for said network where we continued to hammer out details on our plans. I also carried a succulent across Brooklyn to get it to my desk. And I fell in the branch’s lobby. My knee is super bruised now. Fun.

On Wednesday I had a class visit with a yeshiva school that is so Jewish it is named after the Star of David. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was kind of fun. The final score was me earning 30 points for Ravenclaw, silly sixth grade boys: zero. Then I had a quick lunch and headed to another branch for another training. This year I’m working as a facilitator for an initiative called Everyone Serves Youth where staffers travel to different branches (or in my case different divisions in my giant branch) to lead workshops on serving babies, kids, and teens in the library and how all staff can do that. The workshops are starting at the end of February so this meeting was to get more details, paperwork, and practice.

Thursday was my last day of the week (I worked last Saturday so I had this Friday off, it’s weird) and I ended it with a day filled with . . . more meetings!

The morning started with a meeting for the committee I chair to talk about what we’ll be doing at our next training. I showed everyone the summer reading lists (we’ll be booktalking these titles) shared deadlines, and asked about other ideas moving forward. I always feel like I’m probably the most tiresome person to be in charge but it was a good meeting and people seem to not be sick of me (or my copious emails and files) yet. I am also ridiculous and brought chocolate and punny valentines that were hilarious (and possibly underappreciated) for everyone. And I only shamed one committee member for not being goodreads friends. (We’re friends now. Because of the shaming.)

After that meeting I got lunch with some committee members which was a nice change since I usually eat alone at my desk. THEN I had a meeting with a work friend from my writing group and another work friend to help them start building a mini collection of books for their Cookmobile project (traveling cooking programs for teens) looking at fiction and nonfiction with books. I feel totally superfluous to this project but I did actually end up having a lot of book suggestions and input to share on the ordering process. Yay collection development.

Next I had an hour on the reference desk which was also a mini meeting with one of my interns who shadowed me. We talked about his experiences so far and expectations/plans moving forward and he helped me with a few patrons.

THEN I had my last meeting with two people about those Everyone Serves Youth workshops which I was worried about but the meeting didn’t actually help with worries. Go figure.

So that’s how my week of four big meetings in four different meetings over four days shook out.

Here is my favorite post that I shared on Instagram this week:

How was your week? What are you reading?