Let’s Talk: My Very Specifics Reading Goals for 2019

Do you have any reading goals for the new year?

I don’t join hyper specific reading challenges because they’re too much work and rarely align with the things I tend to read BUT I also feel like dealing with the books I own and how I read them is one small piece of control in a sometimes too chaotic world.

Here are the very specific ones I have set for myself:

  1. Read 150 books: This is my goodreads challenge goal. I usually set it at 100 but since I have read 150 books for the past couple of years this should be totally fine.
  2. Read all of the ARCs I have from BookExpos past before BookExpo 2019: Right now this amounts to seven titles–several of which have already been published and can be listened to on audio if I’m so inclined.
  3. Keep reading nonfiction: Last year I wanted to read more nonfiction and tried to fit in one a month. I fell short and only read eight (seven if I don’t count the poetry collection I read) but without tacking a specific number to it, I want to keep looking for titles. If you have any recommendations (especially for books that are self-helpy organization, dealing with screen time, narrative nonfiction biographies or histories) let me know!
  4. Keep reading outside YA: I mostly read YA which ties directly to my professional development so I’m okay with that BUT I have a bunch of adult titles that I’m interested in reading so I want to keep making space for those (including the shelf of them that I own right now!). Last year I read eleven and again without putting a number on it, I’d like to make more space for it. I used to read one classic a year so I might even try to do that. We’ll see!
  5. Prioritize books I already own: I want to make a concerted effort to cut down books I own this year. I have no shelf space and need to reduce. Right now I own roughly 280 books (this doesn’t reflect some comics, picture books, or multiple sets of series). This is a reach but I’d love to get that number closer to 200 or even 190 before the year is out. To this end I’ll also be cancelling my Uppercase subscription after February and only buying books if I go to events (and even then only buying sparingly).
  6. Reduce my TBR: I meticulously track the books I want to read on goodreads. I also firmly believe that wanting to read a book in the past doesn’t mean I’m obligated to read it down the line so my TBR is always changing and, of course, growing. But I really want to cut it down this year. Partly this means I want to read through books already on my to read list that I own and partly it means I want to be more discriminating in what I decide I want to read to begin with. Right now my TBR list is at 141. I’d love to get it down to 100 or less by the end of the year but even I know that might be unrealistic.

Now that you’ve seen my reading goals for the year, tell me about some of yours. Let’s talk . . .

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