Week in Review: October 13

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

Do enter the giveaway above–I’d hate to have to tell the publisher no one entered D:

So I got sick last Saturday and I’m just now recovering. It honestly couldn’t have come at a worse time and I am feeling very behind on EVERYTHING as a a result. I know I’ll bounce back and get it all done but it’s daunting right now–so much so that I spent today cleaning my desk and to read bookcase instead of doing anything about it.

I hit 500 followers on instagram so I’m also giving away an arc there. Details in this post:

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‪🎉GIVEAWAY🎉‬CLOSED ▪️ The winner of this giveaway is @mollydesu!!! ▪️ 500 followers means it’s time for an arc giveaway. ▪️ ‪TO ENTER: ‬ 1. Follow me and like this photo. 2. Tag a friend in the comments who might want to enter. (You can do this up to three times for a bonus entry). 3. Share this post in your stories. Be sure to tag me so I see it. (You can do this once per day until the giveaway ends.) ▪️ Small print: ‪US only.‬ Must be 13 or older. ‪No giveaway accounts.‬ ‪Your account has to be public so I can contact you/verify.‬ ‪▪️‬ ENDS 11:59pm EST on October 19. ▪️ #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #kimmersbooks #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #girlswithsharpsticks #suzanneyoung #arctober2018

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Here is my favorite post that I shared on Instagram this week:

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What’s one of your favorite tropes? ▪️ I love when characters start out as enemies but, after being thrown together, realize they may have had it wrong. I also love retellings so Speak Easy, Speak Love basically has all of my favorite things since it’s a 1920s retelling of Much Ado About Nothing. ▪️ Beatrice knows that if she leaves New York when she's kicked out of boarding school, she'll never be able to come back and realize her dream of becoming a doctor. She refuses to accept that future and determines to stay on course at all costs. Even if it means relying on an uncle she barely knows to take her in. Her uncle's ramshackle mansion, Hey Nonny Nonny, holds quite a few unexpected boarders and hides a big secret: it's a speakeasy offering entertainment and illegal spirits. ▪️ Hero, Beatrice's cousin, loves the old house more than almost anything and she's been doing everything she can to keep the eccentric speakeasy afloat. But with prohibition agents watching, limited supplies of liquor, and the pesky problem of needing to pay the staff, Hero isn't sure if they can make it through one more party let alone the entire summer season. ▪️ Then there's Benedick who is determined to avoid the stuffed shirt life his father has laid out for him. No prep school graduation. No college. No banking job. Definitely no trust fund. Benedick is a writer and he's sure that if he has the chance he can make it without his father's backing–or his approval. ▪️ It's dislike at first sight for Beatrice and Benedick–a feeling that only grows stronger in the face of repeated misunderstandings and arguments. Everyone else can see that Beatrice and Benedick are perfect for each other, but they both might be too stubborn to realize it without a lot of help. ▪️ #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #kimmersbooks #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #mckellegeorge #speakeasyspeaklove #coverlove

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How was your week? What are you reading?

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