Week in Review: June 30

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This week I was feeling really overwhelmed by books (so something new for a change) and wished I could read faster. Then I decided that I *could* read faster by reading a book a day for a week. Which I did. It was a challenge and I wouldn’t recommend doing it for books you’re looking forward to savoring or anything BUT I did get through three books and was able to give them all away once I finished them. Not bad. I will definitely be doing something similar again in the future.

Here are two of my favorite posts I shared on Instagram this week:

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Do you ever participate in reading challenges? 📚 I don’t because it’s too much structure BUT I am trying something kind of crazy this week: I have picked out a stack of books from my to read bookcase (which is overflowing) that I’ve been unsure about reading. Will I like them? Do I still want to read them? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. 📚 Every day this week I’m going to try to read one book from this stack and write at least one (unrelated) review to try and catch up on things. Stay tuned for my thoughts. 📚 #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #igreads #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #bookaday #bookadaychallenge #bookstack

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Do you enjoy games and puzzles? ▪️ I like them in theory but my mom is not a big fan so as an only child I never got into a lot of board games or multiplayer games. But I loved (and still love) solitaire. I don’t know if I’ll ever write them but I also enjoy the odd crossword. ▪️ Down and Across was book two in my #bookaday challenge this week. It’s @arvinahmadi’s debut and it was fantastic. ▪️ Scott Ferdowski is a great quitter. For as long as he can remember he has had a trail of abandoned hobbies and projects. While his best friends are driven and certain of their future Scott just feels like he’s floundering. How can he find his passion when he can’t even commit to breakfast? ▪️ Scott’s parents want hit to succeed and get serious about a secure career path like engineering or medicine. Scott isn’t sure what he wants but he knows that isn’t it. ▪️ When he hears about a professor who specializes in grit, the psychology of success, Scott thinks she might be able to help him figure out how to change. All he has to do is quit his internship and run away to Washington, DC. It won’t even be that hard with his parents away visiting Scott’s grandfather in Iran. ▪️ Scott doesn’t expect to find an adventure when he runs away. It doesn’t feel momentous as he steps onto bus or even when he first meets Fiora and Trent. ▪️ Fiora is passionate about crossword puzzles and Trent is trying to land his dream job in politics. But, like Scott, they’ve hit their own road blocks. Can three misfits really help each other to find their passions over the course of one unexpected summer? Scott isn’t sure. But he’s about to find out. ▪️ #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #igreads #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #arvinahmadi #downandacross

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How was your week? What are you reading?

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