Announcing a New(ish) Project

I have been hinting at this news for a couple of days but I wanted to take some time to make a formal announcement:

Nicole (of The Bookbandit Blog) and I are relaunching out short story blog!

This has been an on again off again project for us since 2012 and we are both very excited to reignite our love for writing and sharing short stories.

You can find us over at Little Women Stories (

Here’s what you can expect from Little Women Stories as we gear up for our May relaunch:

  • Two stories a month from Emma and Nicole
  • Each month we will share one free write story each
  • Each month we will each write a story based on a predetermined prompt

Nicole and I are both really excited to get back to short stories, this blog, and writing. If you like any of those things I hope you’ll join us on this journey and read some of our stories.

You can head over to the short story blog now for a preview of some of the prompts we’ll be using.