Week in Review: April 14–Monday Memories is back!

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

What a roller coaster this week has been! Work was very busy but I’m almost ready for my big training coming up and maybe have the hang of this whole supervising interns thing.

A while ago I decided to do a blog linkup feature called Monday Memories. It never gained much traction as a blog feature but I decided it would be fun to do on Instagram with a hashtag instead of a linkup. I’m using #bookishMondayMemories and am going to try to stick with it every week. If you are on instagram and want to join me, feel free to use the hashtag!

Here’s the first one:

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I had a lot of fun photographing these books so I’ll talk more about the actual series tomorrow. Today I want to talk about why it’s so special to me. 📚 This series has a lot of firsts for me as a blogger. One of the first arcs I got for review, the first time a publicist contacted me directly, one of the first times I went to a book signing expressly because I had to meet the author, and one of my first author interviews on the blog. 📚 Meeting Gabrielle and the interview are especially sweet moments. I always love meeting authors for the first time after emailing with them because it gives context to the moment. In this case Gabrielle was also one of the nicest authors to talk to. That interview (the fantastic one!) also took on a life of its own appearing in a paperback edition of books one and two. You never know what you’ll find in bonus material. 📚 I loved following this series from start to finish even if it never gained the attention and acclaim I still think it sorely deserves. I like to think that my reviews and interviews for these books remain some of my best work as a blogger. Perhaps more importantly I always felt like Anya and her world was there for me when I needed them during a particularly bad year. That’s a rare thing. 📚 If you haven’t seen this series yet be sure to grab the first book All These Things I’ve Done from your library and check out the rest of Gabrielle Zevin’s backlist. You won’t regret it! 📚 #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #igreads #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #gabriellezevin #chocolate #bildungsroman

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Here are two of my favorite posts I shared on Instagram this week:

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How far would you got for a miracle? 📚 Here is a thing that draws everyone to Bicho Raro: The promise of a miracle. 📚 Here is a thing everyone fears after their first miracle: What they'll need to do to complete their second miracle. 📚 The strange magic of miracles has been a part of the Soria family for generations–long before the family left Mexico for the desert of Bicho Raro, Colorado. 📚 Now, in 1962, three cousins are at a turning point where magic and action intersect. 📚 Joaquin wants many things. He wants his family to understand him, he wants to spend time with his cousins, most of all he wants someone to hear him DJing as Diablo Diablo on the pirate radio station he is running with Beatriz from inside a box truck. 📚 Daniel is the current Saint of Bicho Raro. He performs the miracles and he sets the pilgrims on their paths to help themselves. Despite his saintliness he is incapable of performing the miracle he needs for himself. 📚 Her family calls Beatriz the girl without feelings, objectively she can't argue the point. But when unexpected misfortune befalls Bicho Raro, Beatriz will have to reconcile her feelings (or lack thereof) with the logical fact of what she has to do next. 📚 Everyone wants a miracle but when miracles go horribly wrong the residents of Bicho Raro might have to settle for forgiveness instead. 📚 Owls are a big part of this story so of course I had to photograph my copy with some of my owl collection. (I found a bunch of owls I had forgotten after I took the photo, of course.) 📚 #instabooks #currentlyreading #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #igreads #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #reyesfilter #maggiestiefvater #owls

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Do you ever buy books because they’re on sale? 📚 I am not made of stone and I admit I often fall for the siren song of a good deal. Then there are the deals that are so good it would be criminal to miss them. 📚 Such was the case with Circe by Madeline Miller which through a series of pricing mishaps wound up being available for preorder on amazon for three dollars. Of course I ordered a copy! 📚 Circe is Miller’s newest novel inspired by Greek mythology (her previous novels are The Song of Achilles and Galatea). 📚 I haven’t read her other books and don’t know what to expect but I have resolved to read more adult fiction this year so hope to get to this in the next month or two. (It might be time to admit to myself that my simultaneous goal of reading more nonfiction might be a lost cause.) 📚 On a superficial level I also love how shiny the cover is and, of course, had to show it off with my shiny manicure. Swipe over for more shots because I just couldn’t pick one. 📚 Is this one on your to read list? Have you read Miller’s other books? 📚 #instabooks #amreading #instareads #bookgram #bookworm #bookblogging #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #booklove #bookphotography #instabook #reading #reader #booktography #bookstagram #igreads #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bookaholic #bookish #bookishfeature #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeature #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #circe #madelinemiller #mythology #greekmythology

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If you you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my April Reading Tracker.

How was your week? What are you reading?

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