Week in Review: April 7: Where is Spring?

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:


I’m trying to tough it out but this continued cold weather is getting me down. I’m still wearing my heaviest winter coat! In April! It’s very upsetting. Not to mention the constant snowstorms. I know the world is ending and we’re all going to die from the consequences of climate change but still. Have you gotten any spring weather in your neck of the woods?

I started this week feeling a little overwhelmed but am happy to report that returning to my tried and true monotasking and taking things one step at a time has helped me knock a few items off my to do list and get back on track. What do you do to conquer an overly long to do list?

I’m also happy to report that after a rocky go last year order has been restored and I have been approved for Press Registration for BookExpo. I’m not sure if I’ll go but I am on the selection committee for the the YA Editors’ Buzz panel and I do hope to see the editors talking about the books I helped pick. Have you ever gone to a book event or convention?

Here are two of my favorite posts I shared on Instagram this week:

If you you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my April Reading Tracker.

How was your week? What are you reading?