January 13 Week in Review: Nurse Emma reporting for duty

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My mom had surgery earlier this week and I’m taking off for almost two weeks to be around more while she’s recovering. Although it was outpatient the whole procedure was a lot more invasive than either of us expected. But I’m happy to report that Mom is doing well and feeling a little better every day. Being the nurse during her recovery is a little scary because it’s a lot of responsibility but I think we’re both doing well.

On Friday I got to see my friend Becky during a NYC stopover between Florida and her big international trip. We braved the rain to head uptown to Serendipity which was charming.

It was also really fogggy!

I’m feeling a little weird being off from work for so long (and suddenly because I extended my leave time the day of Mom’s surgery) but I’m reminding myself that being a caregiver is valid and important and requires as much time as work (or being sick myself) would. And it’s as valid a reason to unplug from work stuff as a vacation day would be.

I have officially bought notebooks for my planner and made a couple of monthly spreads. My original plan was to track everything in one book but after I got a reading journal from Shelflove Crate (see below) I decided to use that for reading stuff and I’m tracking habits/tasks/spending in another notebook. I hate the trackers I made and am already realizing they have some limitations. BUT I’m going to keep trying.

Do you use a paper planner? Do you bullet journal? Any tips and tricks for me?

I’m posting every day on Instagram this year. Here’s one of my latest:

If you you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my January reading tracker.

How was your week? What are you reading?

Let’s talk in the comments.