I Read YA Week Kickoff

Today Scholastic’s teen community I Read YA is starting their annual I Read YA week. This year the theme is “YA stands for . . .” To celebrate Scholastic will be sharing some videos from their authors about YA along with some giveaways and other cool things.

I have talked about this a bit already but this blog is turning ten in a couple of months and as part of that I’ve been thinking about the things that have changed in those ten years and the things that have stayed the same and I as soon as I heard about this years theme, I knew I wanted to take part.

For me YA started as a way to find my people when I first discovered the YA section as a teen in my local library. Now, years later, it’s a way to continue finding and sharing books I love with people but also a way to hopefully help make the teens and YA readers I meet through this blog or in my library to find books that they’ll love and hopefully to learn more about themselves and how to be comfortable in their own skin and how to make their own small part of the world just a little better.

But that’s me. What do YOU think YA stands for? Let’s talk in the comments!

There are 3 easy ways to help celebrate I Read YA week between today and July 17:

  1. Share the “What Does YA Stand For?” Social Graphic (above): During I read YA week, post the celebratory graphic to Twitter. Tag @IreadYA and use the hashtag #YAStandsFor.
  2. Post Your Own #YAStandsFor Video: Film a short video stating what you believe YA stands for! Post to Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #YAStandsFor and tag @IreadYA.
  3. RT or Quote RT #YAStandsFor Video on Twitter: Share and re-promote #YAStandsFor videos from any of our Scholastic authors once they are live on I read YA’s Twitter.

If you want to do even more, there are also some fun daily challenges:

  • Monday, July 10: Tell @IReadYA what you believe #YAStandsFor
  • Tuesday, July 11: Tell @IReadYA about the YA book that helped you find your voice
  • Wednesday, July 12: Give a shout-out to your favorite fictional literary hero (tag @IReadYA and #YAStandsFor)
  • Thursday, July 13: Swap a YA book about the positive power of friendship with your bestie (tag @IReadYA and #YAStandsFor)
  • Friday, July 14: Create a graphic showcasing an inspirational YA quote (tag @IReadYA and #YAStandsFor)
  • Saturday, July 15: Choose a YA book and share 3 important life lessons you took away from reading it (tag @IReadYA and #YAStandsFor)
  • Sunday, July 16: Acknowledge a YA book you believe should be taught in high schools (tag @IReadYA and #YAStandsFor)
  • Monday, July 17: Snap a pic of the YA book you believe everyone needs to read (tag @IReadYA and #YAStandsFor)

I’m working on upping my #Bookstagram game so watch for some posts for these challenges on my Instagram for the rest of the week!