2016 Reading Tracker Year in Review

It’s time for my annual break down of my reading tracker posts for the year.


  • Read: 11
  • Bought: 2
  • ARCs: 21


  • Read: 8
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 4


  • Read: 10
  • Bought: 3
  • ARCs: 7


  • Read: 10
  • Bought: 0
  • ARCs: 4


  • Read: 8
  • Bought: 2
  • ARCs: 6 (these are outside of BEA ARCs which I tracked in a separate post)


  • Read: 9
  • Bought: 5 (I ordered from BookOutlet twice this year and legit forgot!)
  • ARCs: 0


  • Read: 14
  • Bought: 2
  • ARCs: 1


  • Read: 15
  • Bought: 9 (Book Outlet rears its head)
  • ARCs: 5


  • Read: 16
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 4


  • Read: 10
  • Bought: 2
  • ARCs: 4


  • Read: 8
  • Bought: 1
  • ARCs: 1


  • Read: 18
  • Bought: 0
  • ARCs: 2

Yearly Totals:

  • Read: 137
  • Bought: 28
  • ARCs: 55


According to Goodreads I read 239 books but that includes a lot of picture books. I’ve started tracking comics/graphic novels/manga in my tracker on here and comparing the numbers that jives with my reading in general: 137 books/comics and 102 picture books.

I’m happy with these numbers. I read more books in general but I also read a lot of longer books. This year on Goodreads I read the most pages since I actually started tracking books meticulously. I’m floored by the volume of books I read some months. I think partly that’s a result of really not wanting to waste time on books I know do not work for me once I know enough to determine whether or not I can recommend it professionally or here on the blog.

I had been feeling major guilt about all of the books that I bought but it turns out I only bought 5 more than last year (granted, nowhere near my goal of 12 for the year). It also doesn’t reflect the immense work I’ve been doing in giving away my owned books.This year I gave away a lot of books at work (I lost count), and donated 30 to Toys for Tots in December. I still have a lot of books at home and should definitely go through my shelves again soon. But it’s progress!

ARCs this year (and actually bought books too) got a little weird because I wound up with a lot of duplicates so I think my real ARC number might be more like 48 but I’ll continue breaking down with the 55 listed in my tracker.

Here’s how I got those 55 ARCs:

  • Unrequested from publishers: 8
  • Amazon Vine: 14
  • Requested: 26
  • Gifts from friends (Nicole from ALA especially): 10

I’m pretty happy with those numbers because taking out the gifts/unsolicited books that brings me down to 35 (not counting BEA) which is much more reasonable and I think I’ll be able to cut that down even more going forward because looking at what I requested it definitely wound up including some titles I didn’t read or books I got elsewhere.

So that’s my year in reading according to the blog. You can also see my year in books on Goodreads. And check out my Top Ten list for 2016.

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