Week in Review: November 6

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

I am finally feeling more like myself (although now my mom is sick). I spent a good portion of these week getting some much needed rest.

On Sunday Nicole and I went to see Something Rotten and it was fantastic.

Yesterday @thebookbandit and I went to see Something Rotten. It was amazingly enjoyable with fantastic sets and a ton of talent. I also had the unique pleasure of sitting next to the mother of one of the actors (the one who played Shakespeare specifically). Something Rotten was a charming homage to all things musical and to Shakespeare as well. The show is closing in January but if you happen to get a chance I highly recommend checking it out (or at least listening to the cast recording!). I am also thrilled with my new shirt from the show which reads "It's hard to be the bard" and my ticket stub keychain. All in all, an excellent Sunday! #latergram #musical #somethingrotten #somethingrottenbroadway #broadway #nofilter #newyork #sundayfunday

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If you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my November Reading Tracker.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: November 6

  1. Emma! I appear! My week last week was a good one. I’ve been meaning to start The Unexpected Everything. I have it in physical form and I am so happy. Also, I will be going to a music event this weekend in Seoul. Hope your week is going well! :)


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