Week in Review: August 21

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Here is what no one tells you about having your wisdom teeth removed: even after the stitches are out and the swelling goes down you are not completely healed. Your head will still feel uncomfortable when you bend over. You might still not be able to eat everything you want to eat. The sockets won’t heal and close up for another 3-4 weeks. And even though you are expected to get on with things, you probably still won’t feel completely like yourself.

This week was hard with all of that and with playing catch up at work and feeling like I was making zero progress on anything because I had so many deadlines and moving parts that I couldn’t deal with while I was home. I was also shamed by the receptionist at the oral surgeon for taking three days off from work plus another day for when I had the stitches removed. Which was great. Obviously. A week of bad sleep also didn’t help anything. I am hoping for a better next week.

I am continuing to add Amazon Associate links to all of my published reviews which is giving me the chance to update photos that are low quality or badly sized. If you happen to be shopping at Amazon, feel free to follow one of my links for your purchase ;)

You also might have noticed: My blog turned nine this month! I’m running a giveaway for the rest of the month and have some other thoughts in my 9th blog birthday post.

If you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my August Reading Tracker.

How was your week?