A Small Housekeeping Announcement

This is pretty small news but I have made my blog a part of Amazon’s Associates program. What that means is that when you click a link from my blog to Amazon, it will generate a very small commission for me if you make any purchases.

Moving forward all of my posts will feature a link to Amazon in the first instance of the book’s title and author (typically right at the end of my book summaries that start each review). I’m also working on updating my older posts but as you can imagine, it’s taking a while for a blog as old as this one.

It’s tedious adding the links but it’s also giving me a chance to update a lot of photos so that they are a better size. You might also see me tweeting some of my older reviews as I “rediscover” them.

Being part of Amazon Associates won’t change anything about how this site runs or influence my opinions. But I just wanted to publicize the change so people know what the new links are in each post.

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