Come see me at Blogbound on July 10

If you’re in New York City on July 10 (next Sunday), consider coming to see me and some other great bloggers, authors, and publishing professionals at Blogbound.

You can read more about Blogbound on their website but here’s the quick description:

“Blogbound is a small convention by bloggers, for bloggers to talk about issues relating to kidlit blogging and kidlit bloggers. Panels will include topics such as how to blog diversely, a round-table discussion between publicists and bloggers, and a panel for aspiring writers to talk to authors about writing and potential careers.

“Blogbound is organized by Nicole Brinkley with the assistance of Julianne Daly and Kaye M. It is free to attend.”

I’ll be a speaker at the “Publicists & Bloggers: A Roundtable Chat” starting at 3:15 with Ksenia Winnicki from Tor, Lizzy Mason from Bloomsbury, and moderator/fellow blogger Nicole Brinkley.

Here’s the panel description from the site: Publicists often complain that bloggers don’t do what they want; bloggers often complain that publicists don’t understand them. At this panel, bloggers will have a chance to talk to publicists about what it is that they find most helpful and expect from them, and publicists will have a chance to talk to bloggers about how to make their lives easier and what the best way to work with them is. The panel, moderated by Nicole Brinkley, will start with a twenty-minute Q&A before dissolving into a round-table discussion between everybody in the room.

Oh and you can read more about me in this Meet the Panelists post.

There are several other panels throughout the day which you can read more about in the full schedule. (Plus books for sale, swag, and authors signing books, just saying!)

Sound fun? Consider signing up now!

If you are planning on coming, let me know in the comments so I know who to look for to say hi!

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