It Came in the Mail: A Picture Book Review

It Came in the Mail by Ben ClantonLiam loves getting mail. The only problem is no one seems to want to send anything to Liam. In a fit of genius, Liam write a letter to his mailbox asking for some fun mail. The mailbox goes above and beyond with a dragon. After getting this wonderful piece of mail, Liam writes more and more letters to get more and more amazing things from the mailbox.

After getting so many amazing things in the mail (often with hilarious results) Ben realizes that an even better option is to share his wonderful mail with friends and other kids eager to get something exciting in the mail in It Came in the Mail (2016) by Ben Clanton.

This latest picture book from writer and illustrator Clanton is a real treat. With a sensibility reminiscent of Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and zany charm similar to Special Delivery by  Philip C. Stead and illustrated by Matthew Cordell, this picture book is sure to delight readers of all ages. (In fact, my first reaction to this book was “Really fun. It’s like Dear Zoo but on acid.“)

Clanton’s artwork is deceptively simple in his full-color illustrations that bring Liam and his mailbox to life. The detailed illustrations have a lot of pieces to take in that will reward attentive readers over the course of multiple readings. The illustrations are large and bold enough to be read as easily to an audience as one-on-one.

Raucous humor and heart make this a guaranteed winner for any story time. Highly recommended.