Blog Book Giveaway: Nemesis by Anna Banks

Because Fierce Reads is amazing, I wound up with a duplicate ARC of Nemesis by Anna Banks (one of my most anticipated Fall releases!). So I’m giving one away!

Nemesis by Anna Banks

Giveaway is open to any readers over the age of 13. US only.

Giveaway will run from June 14 through June 21.

Winners will be notified June 22.

If I don’t hear back from any winner by June 23 I will pick a new winner from the entry pool.


I’m running the giveaway through a Rafflecopter giveaway. Details on how to enter can be found by clicking “enter” above or clicking the photo!

2 thoughts on “Blog Book Giveaway: Nemesis by Anna Banks

  1. I don’t know why this book intimidates me as much as it does. Maybe it’s the cover hahaha. Nevertheless, I will check it out one day! Off I go to enter your giveaway!


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