Nobody Likes a Goblin: A Picture Book Review

Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben HatkeGoblin lives deep in a dungeon. It seems like a normal day until Adventurers storm the dungeon. They scare the rats, knock over the torches, and plunder the pantry. The adventurers even take everything from the dungeon–including Goblin’s friend Skeleton.

So Goblin decides to head out into the wide world to find his friend. Along the way Goblin finds other creatures wronged by the Adventurers and a lot of people who don’t like goblins.

Luckily, though, Skeleton still likes Goblin and so do other Goblins eager to help deal with those annoying Adventurers in Nobody Likes a Goblin (2016) by Ben Hatke.

Nobody Likes a Goblin is Hatke’s second picture book. The author is also the author of numerous delightful graphic novels for children.

Hatke brings his signature comic style to this picture book that subverts traditional fantasy/gaming tropes in fun ways with an unlikely hero.

Full page spreads and smaller insets add motion to the page and help move the narrative along. Detailed illustrations guarantee that readers will find something new with each reading. Short text and a clean design also make this title an excellent storytime selection.

Readers with a fondness for fantasy books or video games will find this book especially amusing. Nobody Likes a Goblin is delightfully fun. Sure to be a winner for readers of all ages.

*An advance copy of this title was acquired from the publisher for review consideration*