Week in Review: March 27, 2016

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

This week I had a three day weekend which I used to catch up on a lot of errands (read: all of the sewing and darning I’d been putting off for approximately 6 months).

I finished When We Collided which was . . . not what I wanted it to be although it was decent.

I’m also finally selling off the last remnants of my aunt’s Disney Pin collection. Which sounds super weird and easy but it was something I had not been able to even consider right after she died. But now that it’s been a couple of years, it feels like the right thing to do.

My mom and I celebrate Easter in a cultural way (not a religious one) and we had a really lovely Sunday hanging out and eating delicious foods. Which is why this post is publishing on Monday and being backdated to Sunday.

If you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my March Reading Tracker.

How was your week?